Explainer Video Production

Why explainer video?

Today now more than ever, businesses need explainer video to inform prospects about their business fast. Explainer videos are not more than 4 minutes in length. Most explainer videos are around 2 minutes in length. They help convince the viewer / prospect to take action and stay engaged on your website.
We work together to create and design a video that earns your prospects attention. Video that positions your business to stand out from your competition. Our goal when guiding the creative process is to make sure your video includes our tried and true recipe. It must explain why a viewer / prospect would do business with your company. The ultimate goal is to engage and convert prospects. Explainer video should establish or compliment to your existing video marketing campaigns. Keep your brand in front of your prospects on a regular basis.
Primeau Productions wants to be your full service one stop shop for explainer video production. Our clients are located all over the world and come to us because of our creative expertise. As a demonstration, we have placed some sample explainer video content according to scope of work and cost. We hope these samples help you understand why we have become a global video production company in addition to a Detroit Video Production company. We will make our packages work for your video marketing needs. If you do not know what you want, we are perfect for your marketing mix.

Produce, Publish, Promote is our recipe for success

We guide the production process to result in a video that is snappy and draws the viewers attention immediately. Our focus is the sizzle not the steak during the production process. What is it about your business that sets it apart from the competition?  Next we publish your video across several platforms like YouTube, your company website, Facebook and Vimeo to name a few. Lastly, promote your video in outbound email campaigns and on social media to stay relevant in the marketplace. Attracting viewers to your video is the promote ingredient in our recipe.
Explainer videos are the newest marketing trend for small and large businesses who want to engage more prospects. When positioned properly, they can yield more results than television campaigns. Explainer videos are a sales tool that your sales force will soon fall in love with. It gives them something to talk about, email to prospects and share in social media.

Where do I begin my explainer video?

One of the first rules of creating an explainer video production is to show, not tell. In other words, you will be more successful converting a prospect if you  show what you are selling creatively instead of simply telling the prospect why they should do business with you. Like demo videos, ‘explainer videos’ are a perfect passive 24|7 sales and marketing solution to helping prospects experience your company.


Bronze Package

The bronze package starts with a creative meeting with team Primeau. It includes use of existing materials like your company logo artwork, ads, pictures, awards and other to-be-determined content. Together we determine your creative ingredients and identify your unique selling proposition. The ‘produce’ process begins by identifying your goals. It continues by designing a creative outline and script.  The experts at Primeau Productions will create, design, restore and format old video and film, color correct and edit all identified content and produce your explainer video that is designed to increase sales.

Samples of the bronze package below:



Silver Package

The silver package includes a creative meeting with Team Primeau, one half day two camera video recording and all studio production, editing and graphics and titling. We help you identify your body of work, business strengths and creative design using your logo artwork, ads, pictures, awards, trade magazine articles and other to-be-determined content. Primeau Productions will create a production outline, storyboard and script. This package includes one half day of video recording either at your company location or in our Rochester Hills studio. We also help you publish your video across all applicable Internet platforms.

Samples of the silver package video below:



Gold Package

Our gold explainer video package includes one full day of two camera video recording, a creative meeting with Team Primeau and all studio production, editing and graphics and titling. We help you identify your body of work, business strenghts and creative design using your logo artwork, ads, pictures, awards, trade magazine articles and other to-be-determined content. Video testimonials and employee and customer interviews are conducted by a professional director as well. The gold package is the perfect solution for companies who want to be positioned as a leader in their industry. In this package we include additional production ingredients like stock footage and stock image licensing and includes a full day two camera video recording. The Primeau Team helps you produce, publish and promote your explainer video as part of the gold package.




At Primeau Productions we believe an explainer video should be entertaining, educational not too long to bore the viewer. Our explainer video marketing is a very creative, informative and entertaining process. If you have any questions give us a call 800.647.4281 or +1.248.853.4091 or contact us for more information.





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