Your Performance Is Recorded-Now What?

4547483498_086b709089_nAfter your performance has been recorded, you have two more steps to complete before selling your product.

Next stop, the editing suite.

Once the footage is shot or the audio has been recorded, find a good studio to edit and mix (if it’s audio) and design graphics and titling (if it’s video). The editing house does not necessarily have to be the same company that did the recording, but there are obvious advantages to working with one company. When different companies are used, you have to budget more for the edit, to account for the learning curve of the editing house. By using a single company you can streamline the production process since they are familiar with the project and know exactly what you’re looking for by the time you go into the editing suite.

This type of full-service facility is called a production company. My company, Primeau Productions, LLC, is that type of facility. I designed the company this way on purpose because I am a producer. Once a job or production has been assigned to us, I follow a system to execute it. When you use several companies to execute a production, you often end up with a lot of Indians and no chief, or even worse, a lot of chiefs and no Indians.

Develop a marketing plan.

Once the product is complete and you have them sitting in your garage, you need a marketing and promotion plan to sell them. If you perform on a regular basis, back-of-the-room sales might be all you need. Ask yourself what type of retail stores might take your product on consignment.

Consignment is when you give the store owner or manager your product to sell in good faith and they pay you as they sell them. If you go this route, always get something in writing from the store owner or manager that spells out the consignment arrangement. Either they can draft a document or you can. Just make it a simple contract naming the terms: retail price, wholesale price, payment time frames and method of payment. Then, you both should sign it and keep copies. Many of the retail chains have their own consignment contract, saving you from creating your own.

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This information is taken from my book The Art of Production, which you can purchase from Amazon or you can purchase an e-book version from SmashWords

photo credit: Day 182, Project 365 – 4.23.10 via photopin (license)

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