Testimonial Video

Why testimonial video?

There are many types of video recordings. Perhaps one of the most important to video marketing is customer testimonial video recordings. Testimonial video recordings are used used in video marketing campaigns several ways. They can be used in explainer videos, demo videos and even independently on your website. They can be used on outbound email campaigns, in social media and even in your lobby.

Video quality is not always important

The quality of all video recordings are important to the quality of the final video product. However, the line between a poor and good testimonial video then lives with the message content, words spoken. If you have an opportunity to record a video testimonial on your smart phone holding it horizontally, do so. The spontaneous message and excitement of the experience will come across better than if you had a full professional set up. A full production set with lights and cameras can be intimidating. So, the importance of testimonial video is to record it right after the experience. Not to wait for the perfect professional opportunity.

How to record testimonial video on your smart phone

It is OK to use your smart phone to capture a testimonial video ‘movie like’ recording holding your phone horizontally. Make sure your settings are set to highest quality. Do not zoom, rather position your body near the speaker or person providing the testimonial so they are pleasantly framed. Press record well before they speak. This is better than missing the first words from the testimonial message. This video will be edited and professionally color graded and stabilized in post production.

Professional testimonial video sample:

We use testimonial video of both professional and amateur forms in all sorts of video productions. Below is a scripted video we created and produced with outsources video recording for a client People to People.


Spontaneous testimonial video sample:

In this very successful professional speaker demo video created back in 2013, watch time coordinate 2:54, you will see how Primeau Productions used a smart phone video recorded testimoial. It was recorded immediately after the experience. The phone was held horizontally and close to the speaker. This gave us good audio and video to enhance and stabilize for this video production.


Written customer testimonials have been around for a long time, and have always served their purpose. Nothing represents word of mouth advertising better than a customer testimonial. Add the visual component with facial expression and body language to the testimonial video and you now have a great marketing tool to multipurpose.

Video Testimonials are the most genuine method of brand recognition. Testimonials are a way for your clients to share what they love about your business.  With a professional video recorded and directed, a testimonial doesn’t need a script. All of our video recordings include a producer / director that is qualified and trained to properly record testimonial video. When directed properly, these testimonials show a genuine, heartfelt side of your client, and allows them to be honest about the impact your company has had on their business and life.

Testimonials are the easiest and most beneficial way to spread the quality of your brand on the internet today.  People love people, in fact people buy people. Testimonial video allows your potential customers to see genuine messages from real people about what your brand means to them. 

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