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Record your Spokesperson Anywhere

It’s not easy getting your web video noticed. What’s the secret of converting web surfers into video viewers?

Before taking up this question, let me ask another. Would your web video benefit by having your onscreen spokesperson addressing your audience from inside a business suite with a view of the Manhattan skyline? What if your narrator were speaking from a clean room in Silicon Valley or the streets of Paris? How about the CEO or on screen talent representing your online business presence speaking from a CNN-like,neon & chrome,TV newsroom?

If you answered,“Yes” to any of the above, then Primeau Productions can show you one of our  video production techniques for increasing the production value of your web videos. The utilization of this production technique allows  your narrator appear to be speaking from any location in the world. Our green screen set which includes full light kits, camera equipment, audio recording equipment and directors are mobile for remote video recording opportunities.

The Production Process

It works like this: your spokesperson stands facing the camera with nothing but a green wall behind him or her. In post-production, the green is turned transparent, revealing any video playing in the layer below. As people move in front of the screen, different sections of the green wall are made visible to the camera.

A powerful technique for compositing two video layers (the live foreground and the pre-recorded background), it provides startlingly realistic results. And the background layer is limited only by your imagination. Modern, desktop-video editing software frequently includes chroma key capability, though there are clear differences between amateur and professional chroma key productions.

The most visually spectacular variety of green screen shot is its use with a “virtual set”in the background layer. A virtual set takes the green screen effect to a new level of realism by providing different backgrounds for different points of view. In ordinary green screen, only a single, stationary camera can be used, because if the camera moves, its view of the background should change accordingly, maintaining the proper perspective. A virtual set provides several different versions of the background layer, as seen from various camera angles and/or distances. The additional camera angles provide opportunities to make seamless edits if necessary.

Primeau Productions Studios

When you record in our studios you now have the ability to work with professional directors and producers in an isolated environment where the production can be as successful as possible. Extraneous construction noises and interruptions are controlled, pristine audio tracks are recorded and we have the ability to record over and over as necessary to get the perfect take. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the bleeding edge of technology to ensure your videos look professional equipping multiple 3-point lighting systems. These lighting systems give us the flexibility to record your video with varying color temperatures for indoor and outdoor finished video looks.  We use HDSLR video equipment with 720, 1080, and 4k resolution options. We also have the option to use a teleprompter with a main camera so that longer scripts can be recorded with ease.

Green screen technology now gives a production the flexibility of recording from any location, with any background or set design for your business web videos, and interview videos. Call Primeau Productions today for a free consultation to determine how green screen technology can benefit your next professional video production.

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