Primeau Productions: Your 2012 Video Shepherd

file8521267302466Even though our headquarters is outside Detroit Michigan, a city that is experiencing one of the worse recessions ever in the history books, Primeau Productions is growing and thriving.  Video Shepherd is one of our new products we are launching in 2012 that will help save you time and money.

We are very passionate about video and have 30+ years of video production experience that began in Detroit Michigan and has now expanded around the world. We want to help you make the right video decisions that will help grow your business by getting more Internet visibility using digital video.

The idea for the term ‘video shepherd’ came from our client Jean Houston-Shore.  She asked me during a phone conversation if Primeau Productions would be her ‘video shepherd’. I loved the idea and have put her request into a subscription-based service offering.

What is a ‘Video Shepherd’ in Detroit Michigan going to do to help you in Australia or another city in the United States? Distance does not matter with video because digital video is universal and formatted the same regardless of geography.

Back in the days of analogue video, there were geographical considerations video production companies had when formatting the final video product.  Europe was PAL formatted; the USA used the NTSC format and other countries like France and parts of Australia used SECAM.

Today almost all video is viewed on the Internet.  This Internet-based digital video can be very confusing.  In fact, on average we receive 10-20 phone calls and 20-40 emails each week from existing clients asking us video related questions.  Questions like:

Why does my video look small on YouTube? Why are there ads at the end of my video on YouTube for my competitors? Can I use video from a DVD in my marketing video? The company I hired to record my presentation in Miami wants to send my video electronically, how do I download it?

How do I index my video for better search engine optimization? Are titles important when posting my video on Yahoo?

Primeau Productions can save you a lot of time and money. The proper use of video will help you get more business from the Internet.

Monthly cost $25

Here is what is included:

– Help from us to help you understand digital and Internet video

-A 15% discount on all video production services like professional video editing, video recording, standard definition to HD conversion, YouTube clip creation, recording Internet video webinars, Skype interviews and other web cam video activity as well as any other professional video activity that you need.

-Video storage and back up advice for various networks like Vimeo, Viddler and YouTube

-Periodic “easy to understand and read” email tips on how to effectively use digital video to get more business

-Instructions on how to add more video to your website

-Instructions on how to correctly format, encode and distribute Internet video

-Opportunity to email our tech support as often as you like to ask video related questions

Call 800-647-4281 to sign up.  You may cancel at any time because in this ever changing world, you may discover that video is not for you. You may also discover that video may be the key to recession-proofing your business.

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