Forget SEO-Think Thought Leadership

moneyI received a spam email the other day with the subject line “$34 to get you on page one”. How could they spend the time and do the necessary activities to get anyone on page one for $34? Click, delete bye bye.

I probably get at least five emails every day from someone trying to sell me SEO services. I am here to tell you to forget SEO, the term is outdated. Instead think “Thought Leadership” and publish content on all your Internet resources that provides your knowledge and expertise to your public via a pre determined Internet marketing strategy.

Thought Leadership is the perceived value created by disseminating subject matter expertise across the Internet designed to position yourself as an expert in your industry. By posting industry specific information and know how that readers find useful, valuable and beneficial, these communities follow you and consider you a “Thought Leader” in your area of expertise.

Publish teaser content (don’t give everything away) in blog posts and across social networks providing your public assistance with your expertise instead of trying to sell something. People want to buy they don’t want to be sold! (That is not an original quote and I do not remember where I learned it).

Instead of thinking key words and meta tags, think content in the form of professionally produced video, images and descriptive text. Publish not only because people will read and learn from it but also because search engines will index your content and position you in search results based on your useful information and blended content. You don’t know who is on the Internet looking to solve a problem you have the cure for.

Answer this question; what does your company do better than anyone else? Now, get creative and produce video content sharing your expertise and publish that video on the Internet with text descriptions and link back to your website. (Make sure to always include a http:// in your link back.) Use as many networks as possible. We use over 50 content delivery networks to publish content based on each Internet marketing campaign.

Set Google Alerts using your company name, author name and topic so once a week you will be alerted when your content has been used buy second and third party publishers. Every week we receive a series of Google Alerts that notify us of traffic as well as second and third party publishing of our Internet marketing content. We don’t give everything away but rather share some of our expertise to show our Thought Leadership and earn the attention of the search engines (instead of manipulating them using SEO outdated techniques).

We share content on our website, blog (s), podcast and social networks. I have a staff that helps get the word out because this is a lot of work for one person and the phone continues to ring. You can do this too or hire a professional company (like to help you develop your Internet marketing strategy.
While doing so, make sure you have the proper follow up support to effectively service your inquiries.

This week my assistant Rachel is on vacation. We all filled in for her but after receiving 6 new prospects our days were long and patience worn thin. Nothing will kill great Internet marketing more than poor customer service and follow up.

One of our suppliers referred a video production lead to us and I tried 6 times to call and thank them. Each time I got stuck in their phone system and listened to this message over and over “that line is busy, please hold”. I waited on hold because I wanted to show my appreciation. After about a half hour I finally gave up. I wonder how many prospects also gave up and went to their competitor who had the proper telephone support?

To get started with your Internet marketing strategy, make a list of your talent, skill and ability to help you determine your Thought Leadership expertise. Then create video content and text that will help your public and the search engines solve problems using your Thought Leadership expertise.

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