Big Bright Light Show Rochester, Michigan

15694076864_0f2158e757I Love the Video Business in Rochester, Michigan

Rochester Hills is a great city for operating a video production company especially since I live in the same city, two miles away from my office. Downtown Rochester is especially beautiful this time of year, with all of the Christmas lights and decorations.

A few years back, an outdoor mall opened in Rochester Hills, near Oakland University, called The Village of Rochester Hills. It nearly put downtown Rochester out of business as everyone went to the new mall to shop instead of the small boutiques downtown.

So somebody (I think it was the Downtown Development Authority) came up with a brilliant marketing idea by hanging amazing lighting on the store fronts and restaurants. These lights (plus the annual Rochester Parade held in early December) have literally drawn thousands to downtown Rochester. On most nights all the restaurants in Rochester are seated to capacity. The shops full of reasonably priced unique gifts are doing great. If you have not seen Rochester for the holidays, check out the video below produced, recorded and edited by Lauren Primeau.

photo credit: Bokeh heart via photopin (license)

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