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Our video production company experience

Primeau Productions is a video production company whose home is in Rochester Hills, Michigan. We are a world renowned video production and marketing company that is serving our clients since 1984. We work for several market sectors by producing video content for marketing campaigns, trade shows, training, education, websites and TV campaigns. Learn more


Our clients who have used Primeau Productions

Primeau Productions works with many people and businesses around the world. It is our belief that like attracts like, our clients are drawn to use because of our creativity. Also because of our ‘above and beyond’ customer service. It is our goal to always impress our customers. Impressing clients has been our passion all these years. We don’t like to brag but our clients do! Learn more


 Our process and promise to you our valued customer

We have a recipe for success we refer to produce publish promote. Staring with pre-production as the beginning to any successful marketing video and production for your business. YOU alone know your industry best, and once we can understand your gifts, we can explain them to the world for you using video. The ultimate goal is to establish your company’s brand through the power of video. We create to captivate, and our goal is to design a video and video marketing plan that engages and converts your prospects into customers.


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