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Trust Is the New Currency with Detroit Video Production

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Trust Is The New Currency with Detroit Video Production Company Primeau Productions

When Primeau Productions opened its doors all of our vendor and most of our customer relationships were face to face. Video marketing campaigns did not exist. Television commercials and corporate training videos kept us in business as a leader in Detroit Video Production. Transactions were paid by check and we had regularly scheduled vendor deliveries. Our monetary liaison, Franklin Bank, came to our office every day to pick up our deposits. Customer service and client communication was strictly voice to voice or face to face.



Today, nearly all of Primeau Productions vendor and customer relationships are digital. We use digital communication like email and social media to place orders and find solutions to our business needs. It is bold to pick up the phone here in Detroit or anywhere in the world and call a client or prospect. It is more client friendly to communicate digitally (electronically) to better accommodate busy schedules.

Visual communication earns trust

Business use to be face to face, it was relatively easy to earn trust. We communicated with facial expressions and body language in addition to voice inflection. We edited and produced marketing videos together in the same room. Primeau Productions created successful television commercial advertising campaigns and corporate training videos because we earned trust from our prospects and clients. Our local television stations referred high end advertisers to us because of our creativity.

So as a leader who dislikes change but loves currency, I look back and learn from the successes as well as failures. Primeau Productions took our successes and grew into a global video marketing and video production company. Even though we were a Detroit Video Production Company, we have filmed in Australia, Italy, Canada and several states in the USA. We just completed a television commercial for El Viejito, a Tequila Distillery in Mexico. If you ask me what the number one activity we did to help us grow organically, I would tell you that we used professionally produced marketing video on the Internet to earn trust because Trust IS The New Currency.

Companies who do business on the Internet work hard at earning consumers trust

I have said this before and I will say it again, people buy people. When your prospects get to know you and your business, trust is established often followed by a sale. There is no other digital communication tool like video to build trust, market your business and make sales. Unlike only text and images, video communicates using multimedia, more than one media. Video communicates trust through on camera interaction using facial expression, voice inflection and body language. Primeau Productions is experienced at helping companies begin using video to market their business and earn trust who don’t know where to begin.

Not all videos are created equal but all videos need to communicate trust

Internet shoppers most often shop or browse for the lowest price from a company with high integrity. That way they feel more comfortable entering their charge card number and billing address when placing an order. PayPal and eBay set that bar a long time ago with Amazon a close runner up. Both websites have a feedback system that yields a score based on satisfaction and integrity. There is a follow through with a promise to deliver. These companies have earned trust. These companies use video to help earn trust. It is imperative that your company uses video to earn trust in order to remain competitive. Nothing helps develop trust quicker and more efficiently than video.

Companies who post video on their website have a better chance at earning their customers trust quicker than businesses that do not use video.

Here are 6 tips you can use when developing your video marketing campaign to earn trust from your prospects and customers.

1. Get customer testimonials. They can be video recorded or written. Use these testimonials in your video to help communicate trust.

2. Create your content to demonstrate that you are the best in the business. This content must be professionally written and have value. Internet browsers will share and like your content which will help other Internet browsers learn that they can trust your business.

3. Add content that will help your prospect or customer learn something about your good’s and or services.

4. Use key employees in your video so your prospects and customers will get to know them. Creating video content that features your team demonstrates in your video shows the depth and breadth of your business.

5. Be proactive and hire a professional video production company to help you create engaging and compelling content.

6. Since trust is the new currency, it is crucial to demonstrate trust to earn more business. It is crucial to develop and exhibit more trust across all Internet platforms in order to sustain and grow in business.

Primeau Productions Records ‘Michigan Man,’ potential State of Michigan Theme Song

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

5507544414_5b6bfa3354In 1996, musician/songwriter Mike Ridley wrote and recorded a song titled ‘Michigan Man.’ The song is being considered as the official state song for Michigan. Primeau Productions is a Detroit Based video production company who has worked with Mike Ridley.

Primeau Productions recorded the song in 1996 at our Southfield, Michigan studio (which has since been relocated to Rochester Hills, Michigan). In addition to Mike Ridley performing on the recording, radio talk show host, author and philanthropist Mitch Albom is also performing as keyboard player.

House Bill 4263, sponsored by Rep. Frank Foster, was introduced to the House of Representatives Thursday, February 14th. You can see the official bill here.

Today Mike recorded an interview with WWJ and is expected to be a guest on The Mitch Albom Show in the near future.

Listen to ‘Michigan Man’ now!

Click here for the following wonderful lyrics:

Michigan Man by Mike Ridley

“Changing seasons paint the scene like rainbow trout in a hidden stream
Whitetail deer in the tall pine trees, I am a Michigan Man

I am I am a Michigan man ask where I’m from and I’ll show you my hands lord above I love this land, I am a Michigan Man

From the Keweenaw down to St. Joe, Kalamazoo east to Monroe, Sault Ste. Marie and back again, I am a Michigan Man

I am I am a Michigan man ask where I’m from and I’ll show you my hands lord above I love this land, I am a Michigan Man

(Native American Singing)

If I should die across the sea on a peninsula you can bury me on my head stone it should read, ‘here lies a Michigan Man’

I am I am a Michigan man ask where I’m from and I’ll show you my hands lord above I love this land, I am a Michigan Man

I am I am a Michigan man ask where I’m from and I’ll show you my hands I am I am I am by god, I am a Michigan Man

I am I am a Michigan man where sleeping bears lay on the sand, Manitou has placed his hands, I am a Michigan Man.”



photo credit: Pickups – March 7th, 2011 (66/365) via photopin (license)

Nothing Sells Your Business Like Video

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

7991034052_2c12a4acbbAs a video production company operating in a suburb of Detroit Michigan (which is part of southeast Michigan) we are starting to see Internet video hit critical mass for small businesses. Having a video on your website dramatically increases your percentage of closed business transactions. Why? Because nothing sells your business like video.

When someone comes to your website and they’re a secret shopper you don’t know that they are there looking at your business. Having a video on your website could make or break them picking up the phone and calling your company over a competitor’s just because you have a demonstration video on your website.

Number one, the demonstration video allows you, the owner of the company, to develop an internet presence, 24/7. Anybody can come to your website and get to meet you by seeing you on camera.

Secondly, it presents your goods and services in an entertaining, informative medium, using sight and sound. You can create any perception you want about your business using video.

And last, it is easier to watch a video than read a lot of text-based information because when you hit play on a video, three minutes later you have learned more about a company than you would have by searching through several pages and trying to retain the information you need and filter out what you don’t.

We’re seeing a lot of new video on behalf of Michigan-based contractors and builders who want to communicate the quality of the work that they do. These videos can incorporate testimonials from past clients and video footage of successfully completed construction jobs. Industrial supply companies want to use video in order to tell prospects about their guarantees and the differentiation between themselves and their competitors.

Nothing exemplifies your company better than a well produced professional video. We are part of the Detroit Michigan video production community 800.647.4281.

photo credit: Michigan towns 1971 via photopin (license)

The Keys to Success in Detroit Video Production

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

9136683422_d5a32e2c23_nAfter 34 years, we have seen it all.  Ad agencies merging and consolidating, post production houses closing their doors. The biggest effect that began this downward spiral was when manufacturing left Detroit. So how does a highly talented production house manage to stay alive after all these transitions? You will read why in the following post. The following post contains some successful business activity, tough decisions made and lessons learned. This is how we succeeded as a well respected Detroit video production company.

Offer multiple video production services under one roof

First, we found you have to offer a wide range of products. You have to position your video production business as being creative. You have to offer above and beyond customer service. You need to have creative talent to design motion graphics, color correction, format transfer, video restoration and a VHS to DVD transfer service. These are all activities that will help to bring money into your business. The idea is that when one activity slows down, the others pick up.

Think outside the box

The second thing to consider for operating a successful Detroit video production company is to expand your business across the state of Michigan, instead of limiting your work to the Metro Detroit area. If you were to get a job in Grand Rapids, for example, quote the job make sure to include some of the budget to cover your travel expenses. The observation we’ve made over the years is that there are not professional video production companies in all parts of the state of Michigan. Traverse City, for instance, is not an area that is populated with professional video production companies. Primeau Productions has traveled all over Michigan for clients like L’Oreal, Bob Seger and Floyd Wickman.

Above and beyond customer service

Next, you have to provide the best customer service in the industry. Offer to meet with your clients face-to-face on Skype video or in person, if at all possible. There’s nothing like being able to be eyeball-to-eyeball with your prospects and customers to build rapport. And when you provide your proposals to your customers, always provide three options for their choice. Of course, option one is as low of a proposal as you can do while still maintaining a profitable relationship. Option two would be the next level above that, which is whatever you can do to increase the value of your services from option one. Option three would be the “full monty.” In option three offer anything else that will not only raise your profit margin, but also add perceived value to your services and your offerings.

When you talk to your clients before you create the proposal, ask a lot of questions so that you can learn and understand their expectations. It’s one thing to know where you’re coming from – which, of course, is to be profitable in the Detroit video production market. However, you need to understand and meet your client’s expectations.

Add subcontractors as resources

We have some good video production companies throughout the state of Michigan. Primeau Productions works with a couple in the Lansing and Grand Rapids market. There is one video production company that we have worked with up in Gaylord. They help us in Traverse City. Get to know all of the best video sub-contractors so your company can be available to record high quality footage. These sub-contractors can become representatives of your company and help you get the job done.

These are a few of the ingredients in our recipes for success in Detroit Video Production. If we had stuck with one service we would not be in business today. We thought outside the box and began our growth to other Michigan cities. Expanding our services is what helped us survive and thrive in Detroit Video Production. We have continuously grown ever year since 1984.

photo credit: P1040015 via photopin (license)

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