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Why choose Primeau Productions?

It’s our job to comprehend your objectives, and because we have a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t, we’re spot on with the finished product.

We understand the industry

We’ve worked on both sides of the drape
stage production AND stage content!

Leading the Production Process

We chooses the most important elements and
present it through the power of video.

First Impressions Matter

We’re superb at making sure your video grabs
the attention of the viewer right up front!

Power of the Spoken Word

We have a genuine appreciation for the speaking industry and
the difference speakers make in the lives of others.

If you are struggling to get bookings the problem is almost always the quality of your marketing efforts, with the #1 marketing tool being a professionally produced speaker demo video production. It isn’t enough to be a great speaker…you need to showcase your talent effectively!  This is not a do-it-yourself project either, nor should this crucial marketing element be trusted to someone who doesn’t understand the business of speaking. Primeau Productions has 30 years of experience in the meetings industry and knows what a meeting planner looks for when hiring professional speakers. Once we have conceptualized the framework of your demo video, we’ll use our production rates to compile an estimate for your custom video package.  This way, we can hone in on the package that will best fit your needs. Consider how many paid speaking engagements you need to recoup your investment.

Motivational Keynote Speaker Demo Video Samples
For over 30 years, Primeau Productions has been the video production leader in the speaking industry, relied on by countless speakers to make them look as good on video as they do on stage. It’s our job to comprehend your objectives, and because we have a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t, we’re spot on with the finished product. You’re passionate about what you do, you live your message, and you want to attain the success you deserve.

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