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Even though we are located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Primeau Productions has worked all over the world video recording people, places and things. We have also contracted pre qualified video recording subcontractors and include their contact information on this page. We have been in business since 1984 and record on location as well as in our studio. Whatever is best for our client and their video marketing campaigns. We own all of our own equipment including 4k cameras, lighting, 8 track digital recorder and portable green screen. Please call Mike Primeau for an updated equipment list +1.248.853.4091.

Talent, Skill and Ability

Many technological advancements have taken place with regard to video and it has become diluted. We have been hands on with video recording for 34 years. Open reel VHS decks were the low cost format of choice when we began. Today with computers and desktop publishing, businesses create video recording and production in house. We believe there is nothing wrong with creating your own video as long as it is recorded properly. Of course we would like to post produce your video as well as record your video. However, we work for clients as subcontractors as well as hire subcontractors for clients. You will see a map below followed by a list of vendors we have referred to our clients in order to conserve budgets.

You will not find a higher degree of ‘above and beyond service’ and quality than Primeau Productions

We not only keep up with technology, we know how to respect your budget. Communication and organization is crucial to the success of any video recording. Learning from Napoleon Hill, we practice one of his laws of success, ‘go the extra mile’. Take a look and listen to our client video testimonials. Many of who have been with us for 25+ years!

Primeau Productions knows how to be cost effective and coordinate a pre production strategy before arriving at the location. We call ahead and schedule our time with the location instead of just showing up. That way get to meet the contact at the remote location as well as discuss technical aspects of the video recording.

Every video recording we provide includes a producer / director

We have a knack of putting together production teams. We pull from our pool of talent, on staff as well as (pre-qualified) subcontracted to put the right team together. We know how to scout for locations and can also facilitate basic video recording in our Rochester Hills, Michigan studio. We are great at advising our clients on cost effective strategies like remote package options, professional courtesy discounts and video storage and back up.

Primeau Productions has the experience to help you prepare for your video production before the recording ever begins. Pre production includes identifying the message and content your video needs in order to engage and convert.

Our roots are planted in audio. Our founder was brought into video recording and production as an audio engineer.  As a result, we have experience and know how to record quality audio  regardless of environmental circumstances. Noisy HVAC and external office sounds can ruin a video production. We have the talent, skill and ability to avoid these interruptions before they ruin your video.

Bottom line, we will always deliver a professional product and make you look great!


 Click on a state for a list of pre-qualified video recording vendors we have engaged in the past


1545 Media                                                                                                  Back to Map
Los Angeles
(626) 255-8020

Justin Hornick


Nathan Cornell                                                                                         Back to Map
San Diego
(619) 786-6496


Launch Media                                                                                          Back to Map
Los Angeles
(225) 612-2112


New Evolution Video                                                                               Back to Map
San Diego
(619) 365-5529

Richard Tiland


Imperial Video Productions                                                                    Back to Map
San Francisco
(925) 291-2873

Vinny Minton


Roman Luck Video Production
LA Area

Roman Luck
Video production specialist



Red Stallion Media                                                                                   Back to Map

Jason Bosch



Forester Media                                                                                                Back to Map
(770) 226-9250

Mike Forrester



ARU Chicago                                                                                                   Back to Map
(312) 527-7000

Remsey Atassi


Lightswitch Video                                                                                         Back to Map

(312) 906-7399

Chris Hartman


502 Media Group                                                                                            Back to Map
(785) 614-1442

Blade Mages



Jennifer Drouillard (Make Up Artist)                                                        Back To Map
(313) 510-7107


1750 Productions                                                                                           Back To Map
(818) 645-2719
Neil Babitch


Lake Genneseret Inc.                                                                                   Back To Map
(248) 250-9293

Sidney Howard


Courtland Tell                                                                                                Back To Map
Grand Rapids
(616) 889-1946


Rivet Entertainment                                                                                    Back To Map
Traverse City
(231) 668-9131



Eide Com                                                                                                       Back to Map
Brooklyn Park
(877) 550-3433

Charles Eide



Dancing Shoes Productions                                                                       Back to Map
St. Louis
(618) 696-0527

Brandon Sloan

House of Motion                                                                                            Back to Map
St. Louis
(310) 779-3283

Dave Rutherford


New Jersey

Intermedia Post                                                                                              Back to Map
(201) 261-3959

Linsey Schwetje


New York:

Simba Productions                                                                                         Back to Map

(212) 216-9155

Aaron Thomas


Cool Media Productions                                                                                Back to Map

(419) 824-8244

Mark Andrew


Top Pup Media                                                                                                Back to Map
(214) 444-3470

Dan Millican


Washington:                                                                                           Back to Map

Little Fish Productions
Rob Culp
(509) 703-5016



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