Professional Speaking Samples


There is no other marketing tool available to professional speakers than a properly produced professional speaker demo video. Your demo video will earn you more money than any other marketing tool you employ. We hope these professional speaking samples demonstrate our value to you.


It is fact that you will book more business with a well executed marketing strategy for your professional speaker demo video. It is a marketing tool that exhibits your speaking style, skill and ability 24-7 on your website, social media networks and DVD. Our objective at Primeau Productions is to creatively produce demo videos for our speaker clients using our tried and true recipe for success. We know and understand the mind of a meeting planner. We proudly offer ‘above and beyond’ customer service and always deliver results.


Promote your video on the Internet to receive optimum visibility for your speaking business. Social media sites are important but we believe the promotion for your professional speaker demo video must be strategic and pre determined. What market are you going after for speaking buisness? We know the speaking industry and have since 1984. You are on your way to creating a successful demo video with Primeau Productions.

Professional Speakers Tool Kit