Marketing Video For My Business

Why should I make a marketing video for my business?

The attention span of an internet viewer today is dropping faster than ever. Visitors will jump video to video because of lengthy videos, poor production, and too much superfluous content. Producing a successful marketing video for my business begins with a creative process designed to communicate an effective message that communicates value throughout the entire video.

Pre Production is KEY!

Pre-production is the beginning to creating any successful marketing video for your business. The process helps us understand your expectations. During this time together, we ask questions and analyze your situation. Pre production meetings can be held at our studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan or at your location.  Most importantly during the pre production phase, we want to know why your business is ready and needs video marketing. You know best, and once we understand your goals through effective communication, we will be confident in making our recommendations.


We create to captivate, and our goal is to design a video and video marketing plan that showcases your unique brand and value. The nature and trend of videos online today is to entertain and tell a story at the same time. Every company has a unique story to tell. Our creative team will help to identify which parts of your body of work help you stand out from your competition in the most efficient way.

In The Studio

When everything is in order and properly archived we then begin placing the ingredients (materials acquired) into the best recipe (edited sequence) to ensure the video flows in the way your customers think. Choosing the best video content is what Primeau Productions has prided themselves on for over 30 years. Using a third party approach, we zoom out and strip the information down to its bare bones. These are the essentials that your prospects look for from your organization that may go overlooked when sifting through pages of text and complex visual representations (schematics for example). Animated text, motion graphics, recorded video content such as interviews and b roll, and audio post production come in the final stages of production once we are both satisfied with the revised edit.

The Final Product

We want your video to be successful in order to gain new clients, higher web traffic and peaked interest in your organization. Let us break down your body of work and discover what makes your organization unique under the hood in a powerful and compelling way through a professional video production.

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