How to Generate Leads by Creating Video Content for YouTube

Create professional content from your existing body of work

According to a comScore study, released in February 2011, 82.5% of the U.S. Internet audience viewed a video online. With more Smart Phone use, even more people are sharing and watching YouTube video. As a business owner, you need to be engaged in creating video content for YouTube.

Most successful businesses have an existing body of work in the form of blog posts, print ads, articles and even customer manuals. This content can be re-purposed and leveraged using professional video production. Your existing body of work content is used as the foundation for a successful video marketing campaign. We help our clients identify content from your body of work that will be true to your brand and get you attention for prospects and turn that content into video that will help you get attention. The ultimate goal is to get the phone to ring or receive an electronic inquiry.

Be Proactive as well as reactive

Video marketing on YouTube is a proactive activity that begins by re-purposing your existing body of work or published content. That content is transformed into creative video scripts that are recorded and produced with high production value to create high perceived value. These videos can be recorded with you on camera combined with additional purposeful video content and music designed to keep the viewers interest while educating then about your brand, company or offerings.

To further exemplify the power of video on YouTube, we have a firsthand success story. A friend and client of Primeau Productions, Chip Eichelberger, recorded 30 two to three minute videos at Primeau Productions studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He used previously written blog posts as the starting point for the video scripts. We helped him re-work the scripts into short powerful messages for video. Below are samples to a few of the videos we produced for Chip and other clients:

You can read more about the production process we used to create these videos HERE for Chip and help him gain more exposure, leads and sales.

How do i get started?

Organize your body of work. Put all of your writings, videos, audio recordings including dictation, newspaper and magazine articles in one hard drive and back it up. When you see all of your intellectual property in one place you will be surprised with how much content you have. This content is the foundation for a video marketing series.

Next, draft a list of the titles and descriptions of the best 10 selections you have. If they are in audio / video form, have them transcribed. If they are articles and or blog posts, you already have the foundation of each new video script.

Finally, revise each selection and translate into a script ready for our teleprompter. Schedule your video recording session with Primeau Productions.

We can record on location or in our studio. Plan on a couple different wardrobes so we can collectively decide what looks better on you on camera. What looks good in person does not always look good on camera.


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