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Trust Is the New Currency with Detroit Video Production

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Trust Is The New Currency with Detroit Video Production Company Primeau Productions

When Primeau Productions opened its doors all of our vendor and most of our customer relationships were face to face. Video marketing campaigns did not exist. Television commercials and corporate training videos kept us in business as a leader in Detroit Video Production. Transactions were paid by check and we had regularly scheduled vendor deliveries. Our monetary liaison, Franklin Bank, came to our office every day to pick up our deposits. Customer service and client communication was strictly voice to voice or face to face.



Today, nearly all of Primeau Productions vendor and customer relationships are digital. We use digital communication like email and social media to place orders and find solutions to our business needs. It is bold to pick up the phone here in Detroit or anywhere in the world and call a client or prospect. It is more client friendly to communicate digitally (electronically) to better accommodate busy schedules.

Visual communication earns trust

Business use to be face to face, it was relatively easy to earn trust. We communicated with facial expressions and body language in addition to voice inflection. We edited and produced marketing videos together in the same room. Primeau Productions created successful television commercial advertising campaigns and corporate training videos because we earned trust from our prospects and clients. Our local television stations referred high end advertisers to us because of our creativity.

So as a leader who dislikes change but loves currency, I look back and learn from the successes as well as failures. Primeau Productions took our successes and grew into a global video marketing and video production company. Even though we were a Detroit Video Production Company, we have filmed in Australia, Italy, Canada and several states in the USA. We just completed a television commercial for El Viejito, a Tequila Distillery in Mexico. If you ask me what the number one activity we did to help us grow organically, I would tell you that we used professionally produced marketing video on the Internet to earn trust because Trust IS The New Currency.

Companies who do business on the Internet work hard at earning consumers trust

I have said this before and I will say it again, people buy people. When your prospects get to know you and your business, trust is established often followed by a sale. There is no other digital communication tool like video to build trust, market your business and make sales. Unlike only text and images, video communicates using multimedia, more than one media. Video communicates trust through on camera interaction using facial expression, voice inflection and body language. Primeau Productions is experienced at helping companies begin using video to market their business and earn trust who don’t know where to begin.

Not all videos are created equal but all videos need to communicate trust

Internet shoppers most often shop or browse for the lowest price from a company with high integrity. That way they feel more comfortable entering their charge card number and billing address when placing an order. PayPal and eBay set that bar a long time ago with Amazon a close runner up. Both websites have a feedback system that yields a score based on satisfaction and integrity. There is a follow through with a promise to deliver. These companies have earned trust. These companies use video to help earn trust. It is imperative that your company uses video to earn trust in order to remain competitive. Nothing helps develop trust quicker and more efficiently than video.

Companies who post video on their website have a better chance at earning their customers trust quicker than businesses that do not use video.

Here are 6 tips you can use when developing your video marketing campaign to earn trust from your prospects and customers.

1. Get customer testimonials. They can be video recorded or written. Use these testimonials in your video to help communicate trust.

2. Create your content to demonstrate that you are the best in the business. This content must be professionally written and have value. Internet browsers will share and like your content which will help other Internet browsers learn that they can trust your business.

3. Add content that will help your prospect or customer learn something about your good’s and or services.

4. Use key employees in your video so your prospects and customers will get to know them. Creating video content that features your team demonstrates in your video shows the depth and breadth of your business.

5. Be proactive and hire a professional video production company to help you create engaging and compelling content.

6. Since trust is the new currency, it is crucial to demonstrate trust to earn more business. It is crucial to develop and exhibit more trust across all Internet platforms in order to sustain and grow in business.

The Video Production Studio Process of Audio Post Production for a Great Viewer Experience

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017


One of the first audio post production applications we can think of are the Three Stooges. They would film each scene then after the editing process, would incorporate Foley Arts, more commonly known as sound effects.  This would improve on the viewer experience by adding additional sounds to enhance the audio portion of the video. Today, audio post production has become one of the most important aspects to the video production process.

Sight and sound considerations

When we make a movie, the audio post production process is as important to a great viewer experience as the story itself. The same rule holds true when you are creating your business or marketing video. Whether you are making a big budget professional film, TV Commercial or a small independent film, the sound track is as important as the actors. Sound design is to a film like professional interior design is to a room. Your goal is to create a great viewer experience with sight as well as sound.

Professional audio post production is is the process of adding sound effects and music in addition to studio recorded dialogue to poorly recorded live dialogue.  Some film makers believe post production is video editing and computer graphics alone.  Primeau Productions believe shaping the audio to match what is happening on the screen is critical to making the full viewer experience work.

Automatic Dialogue Replacement

Audio post production processes includes Automatic Dialogue Replacement. ADR or “dubbing” as it is often referred to includes replacing location sound. Once the ADR is complete, sound effects, mixing and mastering, and music is added. You must make the film’s sound track genuine and carefully crafted to support the film and to enhance the overall experience.

Automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) is the process of replacing dialogue that was recorded while filming each scene. During the filming, it is often difficult to get clean, evenly balanced dialogue recorded. This is due to actors movement and unwanted background noises. When you record new dialogue in a post production studio, you add higher quality audio and allow yourself more control on how the dialogue will sound in the final film.

Automatic Dialogue Replacement Studio Set Up

Most studios will have a special vocal recording rooms set up with both a screen to play back scenes from the movie. Actors use headphones to hear what dialogue was recorded. They repeat the dialogue into a high-quality microphone to record the better quality dialogue.

The actor or actress will typically watch and listen to the scene a few times. This helps them to get a sense of pacing and tone for the dialogue. They will then recite the new dialogue with the scene as it visually plays back to match their original performance. It is key to record multiple takes so you have more to pick from in the final stages.


Studios also often have plugins that can warp the audio to more closely match the original. This is so that the new dialogue matches what we see on screen. In many movies, almost all the dialogue is replaced during the post production phase. This is done to make sure that every line is clean and clear. Though it takes time, it ensures that the final audio is free of any extraneous noise and other sound issues.

Sound Effects

Sound effects, also referred to as ‘Foley’, are added during audio post production match events and actions on screen. They enhance the overall viewer experience. Explosions, lasers, gun shots, and cars are often the first things we think about when it comes to sound effects. They are loud and present in the movie. But it is important to also pay attention to the subtle sounds too. Because ADR is often implemented, the original audio from the filming set with all the background sound is scrapped. Sounds like doors shutting, keys jingling, and even footsteps must be added during the post production phase. This makes a scene more genuine and authentic. While these seem like small details that go unnoticed, they can be glaringly apparent when missing from a movie.

The process of adding these sounds can be one of the most creative parts of audio post-production. Some sounds are re-recorded out in the field and then shaped in the studio to match the scene. Others are done in the studio in a process similar to recording ADR. The in-studio recording is done in a room where the engineers watch the scenes of the movie that need Foley (sound effects) added. The engineers will have various objects in the room to make the sounds and ‘play’ the objects along with the scene. Some sounds are made by recreating the same action.

Custom Foley

One famous sound when discussing Foley is the Star Wars blaster, which was created by striking a high-tension wire with a hammer. You can create sounds in audio post production then go through effects processing so they more closely match the action on screen.

Once the necessary dialogue and Foley has been recorded, the sound engineers mix everything together so it sounds balanced and crisp. Compress and equalize the dialogue so it sounds natural and consistent. Add reverb so that the voice matches the location in the movie. Though these may seem like subtle changes, they drastically affect the viewing experience. If the picture and sound do not match, viewers immediately tell that something is off.

Audio Post Production Formats

Your audio must also match current standards set in the film industry. 5.1 surround sound mixes are done differently than stereo, with the dialogue typically being the only sound on the center channel. Both mixes are often prepared for large releases. Standards for the level of film sound have also been set by various organizations. The International Telecommunications Union has one of the more global standards. Employ loudness meters during the final mixing phase to make sure the movie meets these standards.

Primeau Productions has experience with audio post production in the film and television commercial arena. We understand and accomodate the process.

Budgets for audio post production are set in advance and strictly followed. Time can be wasted on the post production process. Give our studios a call to discuss how we can help you design an award winning audio track or help enhance, repair and clarify your existing audio track .

Father’s Day-Ten Tips to Being a Good Father

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

By Ed Primeau

1973128194_81eb81dfe0As far back as I can remember, my father was the biggest influence in my life. Since I grew up in the late 50’s and early 60’s, tradition was different then it is today. Fathers were the main support and income for the families as mothers were the caregivers and nurturers.

This is very different today. Both parents work to support the family as expenses and cost of living are greater. It seems that people want more than the simple life we had when I was growing up. Much has been forgotten about good simple family values.

Some of you reading this know I have four children. Well, young adults may be a more appropriate term to describe them. I am very proud of their accomplishments and proud to be their father.

Not everyone grew up with a positive father experience. Many grew up with abusive fathers or even no father at all. This article is for the men that want to know what I know about being a good father. It is also for daughters who want to learn how a man should treat a lady. It’s for boys who didn’t have fathers to better understand how to become a father and for single mothers trying to find a father for their children.

It is very important for fathers to teach their children about life, love and intimacy. When a boy grows up without a father, how does he learn how to be a man? When a little girl grows up without a father, how does she know how men are supposed to treat them? How do they learn how to be in a healthy relationship? Parents have to demonstrate healthy relationships. What does a good marriage look like?

It is my opinion that boys learn how to be fathers from their father. If the father was abusive, the boys probably learned to be abusive. Sad but true.

Why is it that many men turn out to be lame fathers? Do they lack the courage to be strong for the children? Did they learn what courage actually is? Do they know how to balance their life between family and work?

It’s been said if a family were a business; the father is the CEO, chief executive officer. He may also be the CFO, chief financial officer (although today many moms handle the family’s expenses). Being a father is much more than running a business. It is about love and leading by example. It’s about teaching and directing lives. Fathering is about guidance and free will. It is about helping children understand life.

It is also about fun things like barbecuing, bowling and camping. Canoeing, playing cards and cooking as well as entertaining, being a leader and decision making. Bottom line, children learn more from their fathers than any other human being in their lives! So why is fathering so important? It is a huge responsibility that many men don’t realize they have.

Nobody hands us a manual when we become fathers. We take our collective knowledge and experiences and do the best we can. Here are ten tips to becoming a good father based on my experience:

1. Heal your relationship with your father the best you know how.

2. Children spell LOVE – T-I-M-E. Do things with your kids often, not just watch TV.

3. Help your children learn about things not taught in school (like spirituality).

4. Always take time to enjoy your children’s accomplishments and praise them.

5. Teach your children about music, especially your favorite songs.

6. Criticize in private, praise in public. Never yell at your children in front of people.

7. Teach your children how to choose friends and avoid trouble.

8. Talk to your children about drugs, alcohol and sex

9. Take family vacations.

10. Be involved, not controlling in your children’s lives.

photo credit: Dad and Jeff Fay via photopin (license)

Primeau Productions Records ‘Michigan Man,’ potential State of Michigan Theme Song

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

5507544414_5b6bfa3354In 1996, musician/songwriter Mike Ridley wrote and recorded a song titled ‘Michigan Man.’ The song is being considered as the official state song for Michigan. Primeau Productions is a Detroit Based video production company who has worked with Mike Ridley.

Primeau Productions recorded the song in 1996 at our Southfield, Michigan studio (which has since been relocated to Rochester Hills, Michigan). In addition to Mike Ridley performing on the recording, radio talk show host, author and philanthropist Mitch Albom is also performing as keyboard player.

House Bill 4263, sponsored by Rep. Frank Foster, was introduced to the House of Representatives Thursday, February 14th. You can see the official bill here.

Today Mike recorded an interview with WWJ and is expected to be a guest on The Mitch Albom Show in the near future.

Listen to ‘Michigan Man’ now!

Click here for the following wonderful lyrics:

Michigan Man by Mike Ridley

“Changing seasons paint the scene like rainbow trout in a hidden stream
Whitetail deer in the tall pine trees, I am a Michigan Man

I am I am a Michigan man ask where I’m from and I’ll show you my hands lord above I love this land, I am a Michigan Man

From the Keweenaw down to St. Joe, Kalamazoo east to Monroe, Sault Ste. Marie and back again, I am a Michigan Man

I am I am a Michigan man ask where I’m from and I’ll show you my hands lord above I love this land, I am a Michigan Man

(Native American Singing)

If I should die across the sea on a peninsula you can bury me on my head stone it should read, ‘here lies a Michigan Man’

I am I am a Michigan man ask where I’m from and I’ll show you my hands lord above I love this land, I am a Michigan Man

I am I am a Michigan man ask where I’m from and I’ll show you my hands I am I am I am by god, I am a Michigan Man

I am I am a Michigan man where sleeping bears lay on the sand, Manitou has placed his hands, I am a Michigan Man.”



photo credit: Pickups – March 7th, 2011 (66/365) via photopin (license)

Audio Editing: Basics to Know Before You Start

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

41569913_ac861cfb6b_nSince you just saved yourself a bundle getting that killer taping done properly, you can now send the raw master to a production company for editing and packaging. The steps that are needed for completion include the editing (removal of unwanted spoken material, stutters and noises in audio and extraneous visuals and adding graphics in video), professional voice introduction and conclusion, and music. Also, for a music product, you need mix down and overdubs. In this blog post I’ll dive into audio editing.

Audio Editing

The recording is loaded into a computer so that it can be edited and processed for optimum sound. Back in the old days we used to record onto and edit 1⁄4” reel-to-reel tape. To edit, you had to visualize words or song going by the playback head until you had the right spot. Then you would mark it with a grease pencil and cut it with a razor blade. Once both spots were cut, the two sections were then taped back together for the new sound. It was quite humorous to watch people’s amazement as they listened to the edit. I guess I took it for granted because I did it so much. Now that I can look back I guess it was pretty impressive.

Today this is all done in a computer, which is equally amazing. My favorite part about computer editing is being able to see the sound waves on the screen, just as I used to imagine the words flashing across the playback head when I was razor editing.

On average, it can take three hours of editing to clean up one hour of spoken word recording. This does not count the time it takes to load the recorded material into the computer. Ask yourself is how perfect do you want the product. I have seen musicians spend way too much time editing different takes of songs together only to find that their studio bill had skyrocketed and that Take Three was pretty good.

I have edited with professional speakers who edit every flaw and flub to the point of no return, spending more like ten hours editing per every hour of recorded material. You have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Save yourself a lot of time and expense and stick to clean-up editing.

I have even worked with comedians who edited punch lines because the audience response was better in the 7 PM recording but the delivery of the joke was better in the 10 PM recording. Plan your recording and do not try to make it too perfect or you may never have a product.

The going rate for audio studio time is anywhere from $85 to $165 per hour, depending on the market. Video is $150 to $300 per hour. These rates may seem high, but they are necessary because there are a lot of expenses involved in running a studio and providing good customer service.

photo credit: Alan on the Dials via photopin (license)

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