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8748887617_a8e6e7bd4dBack in June, our CEO, Ed Primeau, was interviewed by Adobe about his Audio Forensic work with Adobe’s CS6 software.  After this segment, the Primeau companies (Primeau Productions Primeau Forensics) agreed to test drive a year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Since working in Creative Cloud, it has become very clear that the service is a no-brainer for anyone involved with digital media. What exactly makes Creative Cloud stand out from past installments? The virtual back up for starters, which makes it possible to access the entire Creative Suite from any computer anywhere in the world.

Unlike Apple’s Final Cut Pro, after working for awhile in CS6, Adobe automatically saves your work.  This is something Final Cut Pro X even exhibited upon release, but Creative Cloud actually spawns a prompt for it, making it very clear to the user that the software is taking necessary precautions with saving your work without asking.

FCPX doesn’t give you any sort of indication that the project is saved; we are just left to assume the file is secure. The conformation really gives editors a further sense of security that their project has been stored securely. Especially when working in a Cloud setting.

What initially concerned the Primeau team when working in Creative Cloud was the concept of saving only to ‘the Cloud.’  We like to trust the idea of securing our files on the Internet virtually, but live by the philosophy that everything should always be backed up. We like a physical drive to feel that our files will stay secured.  Something we can ‘see.’

Other people likely have this preference as well, and Adobe has catered to that.  Like past CS installments, you are able to save to a physical drive, and you don’t have to rely only on the Cloud to secure your files.

This is like when we made the transition from digital tape to tapeless video recording formats. We used to carry a box of tapes with us back from a remote recording. Now we carry external hard drives which have backed up digital video files from the remote video recording.

Primeau Productions has several video editors.  In the event that an editor needs access to a project edited by another editor, saving the project into the Cloud is an efficient, simple means of allowing another editor to access a project.  Creative Cloud offers 20GB of Cloud space with their subscription. Don’t worry, you can purchase more Cloud space directly from Adobe.

Overall, Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a must ‘check it out’ for anyone involved in digital media.  The interface doesn’t stray too far away from past CS installments, making it comfortable for the user, along with offering plenty of new features that will only make your work flow more efficient and productive. Plus, with access to all Adobe Software for only $50 a month; how can you go wrong?
photo credit: spectral-display2011 01 Jan via photopin (license)

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