Part 1: You as the Producer: How the Hollywood Pros Can Help

Calgary Corporate Video Production CompanyYou as the Producer

A movie producer oversees all aspects of the movie production and delivers a film project to all relevant parties while preserving the integrity, voice and vision of the film. They will also often take on some financial risk by using their own money and investing more time than being compensated for, especially before a film is fully financed  during the pre-production period.

The producer is often actively involved throughout all major phases of the film-making process, from inception and development through to completion and delivery of a film project.

What this means to you is that you have to learn how to think like a producer when creating video content for your business.  Who do you need to be on your video production team? Your employees know your business better than anyone else so utilize their talent, skill and ability. Keep in mind what your prospects and customers need to know about your business, products and services.

Create a budget for your equipment purchase or professional assistance as well as your investment of time and stick to it.  Create databases for your production team that include contact information of professional service suppliers, equipment vendors and other resources for easy access.

As you build your Internet marketing campaign, you will also need a database of all your contacts, prospects and social media account sign in information, including passwords.

You are the boss of your video production and as the producer you have to be the architect of your video from beginning to end.

  • Learn how to think like a producer
  • Who will be on your production team?
  • Create a budget
  • Manage your database of contacts, prospects and social media outlets

From “Blockbuster Business Videos: What The Hollywood Pro’s Want You to Know About Creating Video That Will Increase Your SEO, Win Clients and Set You Apart From Your Competition,” by Ed Primeau and Laurie Brown. Laurie Brown helps individuals present themselves effectively in person and virtually through the camera lens. You can reach her or visit

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