Part 6: You as the Lighting and Sound: How the Hollywood Pros Can Help

file000676603076You as the Lighting Technician

Lighting and sound both play a part in quality video production. Lighting technicians are responsible for the movement and set up of various pieces of lighting equipment for visualeffects. Lighting Technicians may also lay electrical cables, wire fixtures, install color effects or image patterns, focus the lights, and assist in creating effects or programming sequences.

Lighting is very important to video, especially if you are using green screen technology.

Fluorescent lighting strobes when lit, which conflicts with the shutter on your video. It is also the wrong color of white, so it may make you look older on video that you are.

When lighting with incandescent lights, spread the lights far apart and and as close to you as possible without getting in the shot. That way any shadows that are created will be outside the frame.

You as the Sound Engineer

The production sound mixer is head of the sound department on set, responsible for recording all sound during filming. This involves the choice and deployment of microphones, operation of a sound recording device, and sometimes the mixing of audio signals in real time.

What this means to you:

  • Do you need a mic?
  • How important is sound quality?
  • Is your location noisy?

○     Beware of noise (animals, phones, traffic, people)

○     Beware of ambient sound (refrigerators, furnace, air conditioning, lights)

  • What are the different types of mics?

○     Lavalier

○        Boom

○        Hand held

○        Desktop

○        Computer

  • Which mic is right for you?

○     Use

○        Sound Quality

○        Price

  • Learn how to place the mic
  • Learn how to wear a lavalier mic
  • Learn how to create recordings that can be synched with b roll

From “Blockbuster Business Videos: What The Hollywood Pro’s Want You to Know About Creating Video That Will Increase Your SEO, Win Clients and Set You Apart From Your Competition,” by Ed Primeau and Laurie Brown. Laurie Brown helps individuals present themselves effectively in person and virtually through the camera lens. You can reach her or visit

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