Why Do You Want a Product, Anyway?

3835564701_31f53d70bb_nThree important reasons to want a product: 1) to earn extra income, 2) self-promotion, and 3) to create higher perceived-value, based on your level of experience or expertise.

It’s a fact that experts earn more than novices do! Not just on product sales but on higher performance fees. Webster defines an expert as one who has knowledge or great skill; especially skilled or learned; an authority. Professionals with great knowledge and skill earn more income and recognition. A good product line, with a book, and video or audio products will go a long way to establish your authority in program offerings.

By offering a product, you also show your commitment to your particular area of expertise. Your belief in what you say comes through more energetically, with more passion. By creating a product, you’re saying to your audience this is important, vital information — important enough to put your blood, sweat and tears (and money!) into it.

Do you think the Beatles would have been as big as they were without products to sell? To illustrate my point, let’s review the Beatles product line: Fan club mailings, fan club records, stamps, magazines, school binders, lunch boxes, comic books, plastic guitars, wigs, several different dolls, bubblegum cards — and much more, but you see the point.

Next time you’re in downtown Chicago, check out the Hard Rock Cafe. They have a great display of what I consider to be one of the best marketing-driven product lines ever. Do you think Tony Robbins would be where he is today without products? Bill Cosby’s speedy rise to the top had a lot to do with the comedy record albums he made.

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This information is taken from my book The Art of Production, which you can purchase from Amazon or you can purchase an e-book version from SmashWords.

photo credit: The Gherkin via photopin (license)

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