What’s the “Competitive Score” in Google’s AdWords Tool?

2437542683_000a0475d4_nGoogle’s keyword ranking tool, AdWords, can be helpful for finding keywords to improve your SEO. The “competitive score” column may confusing at first glance, but here’s some insight into what it means and how to use it.The competitive score is not related to organic search, but is related to the number of advertisers bidding on a keyword. It shows the number of advertisers worldwide bidding on each keyword in proportion to all keywords across Google. Google says that the “high,” “medium,” and “low” classifications (which were depicted by shaded bars in the past) “provide a general low-to-high quantitative guide to help you determine how competitive ad placement is for a particular keyword.”

Low competition means that there are few advertisers battling over that keyword. If you wanted to advertise, you’d probably only have to pay a few cents/click, but it might not be a very lucrative keyword. (Sometimes the low competition keywords have had low success in the past when advertisers have tried to use them, so they get the “low competition” label.) On the bright side, you might be addressing a more targeted market when you use the low competition keywords.

In conclusion, you can use Google Adwords for ideas for keywords. Since you don’t have to pay for keywords, you can try to use some of the words with higher competition. You’ll have to work hard to get high on the search engines, but there’s no monetary cost. Carefully selected words with lower competition could also be helpful if they’re targeted and not too vague or obscure. If people are searching for those lower competition words, you could have a good chance of scoring high on search engine results.

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