Video Trilogy Helps Authors

Another successful video to help authors get more visibility and sell books is the video trilogy. The idea 7509061378_8cd7bee14d_nbehind a video trilogy is to engage your audience over time with entertaining and informative video content. Plus video is great for search engine results.

We initially produced one full video for the Bob Seger book “Travelin’ Man”. His manager Punch Andrews saw the video and loved it but had an idea to break it into three videos and release one at a time on the Bob Seger website creating a video trilogy. This engaged the audience over time motivating them to return to the website periodically which built fans and followers and sold more books over time.

What can you do for your book to create a video trilogy? Here is part one of the Bob Seger book promotion trilogy:

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photo credit: Bookshelf via photopin (license)

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