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What is commercial video?

Commercial video is used for broadcast as well as Internet use. This is how commercial video earned its name. On the Internet, it is used for explainer video and outbound video marketing campaigns. YouTube and Vimeo are two popular destinations. For broadcast, it is used for television commercials and infomercials. Our team of creative geniuses will help you from a marketing perspective if you are not sure what path of video marketing you want to take, broadcast or Internet.

We create commercial video recorded by us or with customer supplied video recordings. We know how to re-purpose footage for other productions as well. Since we are owned and operated by video forensic experts, we have the talent, tools and ability to restore and enhance old video recordings, 8 mm and 16 mm film.

Primeau Productions believes in re-purposing video whenever possible

This is a simple concept. Let’s say we video record an interview of the founder of your company and publish it on YouTube. Then in a year or two, that founder passes away. We can pull that video recording out of the vault and re-purpose it for another video like a tribute video or explainer video, maybe even a documentary. Our video recordings are extremely high quality 4K. No problem buying more hard drive space in our raid or on and off site back up servers.

Above and beyond customer service

We have grown consistently over the last 34 years which is a very difficult statement for video production companies to make. One of our success strategies is to provide above and beyond customer service for all of our clients. From good communication (electronic and telephonic) to feedback tools like Whipster. Primeau Productions provides a fantastic customer experience. Ask us how you can take that to the bank when you call 800.647.4281 or outside the U.S +1.248.853.4091

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