VHS to DVD Transfer and Restoration Services

The expected shelf life of video tape is 25 years. The time has come to transfer all important footage from the analogue format (like VHS tape) to digital format for preservation purposes. This ensures that your films will live on forever, in a digital formatting or DVD master.

Our sister company, Primeau Forensics is a world renowned audio and video forensic company. Transferring and restoring VHS video tape to digital form, like DVD, is a day to day activity. Primeau Forensics has the tools and experience to compliment Primeau Productions for VHS transfer and restoration. Families and businesses looking to preserve their valuable VHS recordings should begin transferring those VHS tapes to DVD for long term preservation. We have restored 16MM film for the Napoleon Hill Foundation as well as transferred hours of home movies for the general public.

Our VHS to DVD transfer and restoration service costs require $125/HR and vary based on the recorded hours of video content (Prices are less for direct transfers). Two hours of video content require 3 hours of studio time ($375 Total) to complete as an example.

Some VHS tapes can require up to 4 DVD’s and be up to 6 hours long. In addition, we can provide digital video file output in Standard-Definition ( SD: 720×480) High-Definition (HD: 1920×1080), and 4k (3840×2160)  resolutions. The digital video file outputs, and project files used to restore your VHS videos are stored on our server’s retaining a backup in our systems. The VHS restoration process includes the following post production techniques:


VHS Restoration Post Production Techniques: 

  • Tape Grain/Noise Reduction
  • Shadow & Highlight Adjustment
  • Color Correction
  • Grading/Looks
  • Scaling & Position Adjustment
  • Restoration using Independent scene adjustments
  • Audio Restoration (Noise Reduction, Equalization, Compression/Limiting)

Additional Formats Available For Transfer: 

  • Beta or Betacam SP
  • Mini-DV
  • HI-8
  • Film (8mm & 16mm)
  • Digital 8

Below are some samples successful restorations that Primeau Productions has performed:

VHS Restoration to DVD Before

Before VHS Restoration

After VHS Restoration to DVD Transfer

After VHS Restoration


Before 16mm Tape Restoration


After 16mm Tape Restoration






Advanced professional forensic restoration services are also available to help clarify your old video recordings that may have been damaged by heat and lack of proper storage. Some VHS video tapes that were not stored properly can become cloudy on playback. We can use filtering and other sharpening tools to help restore your video footage for optimum playback.

Contact us to discuss our pricing and turn around times on your VHS to DVD transfer and restoration at 800-647-4281

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