The Scouting Approach to Getting Great Video Footage Every Time

file1241259603377People often ask me what is the best format to ask for when getting a copy of a keynote speech or CEO’s presentation.  Anyone who is video recorded while giving presentations can use the following tips to prepare for getting great footage. Take the scouting approach to acquiring great video every time: always be prepared!

In a perfect world, a professional speaker should carry two external hard drives: one formatted for Mac and another formatted for PC.  Most field crews are Mac based, especially in Vegas.  Hand the hard drive to the video engineer or ask the technical director if it is okay if the video engineer copies the digital video files over when you are done speaking.

You always want to ask for the full quality digital video files.  We can work with any format here at Primeau Productions and many video production companies can convert and edit just about any format.  In fact, we can format the external hard drives for you as well.

We are finding that when an audio visual crew provides a DVD, they usually make an error on the aspect ratio and the video image gets distorted.  This is due to the fact that we are on the fence technologically between wide screen and 4 x 3 formats. The projection system that an audio visual company uses for image magnification is different from their format for recording video.

A speaker’s crew should be recording all video to a DVR (digital video recorder) and not just a DVD. If you are prepared with a hard drive, you will be all set.  It will take them about 30 minutes per camera to copy the digital video files to your hard drive.

How many cameras are they shooting?  Ask in advance if you can have the hot switch (or “director’s cut” that shifts the video from camera to camera) as well as camera ISO records. (An ISO is a digital multi-camera video recording in which each camera is recorded separately.)

Please call us if you have any questions since this is the new frontier of acquiring digital video footage for your video production.


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