The Professional Speaker Tool Kit

5713849099_067bb1cdaa_nThe Professional Speakers Tool Kit is a guide born out of experience working with meeting planners and speakers bureaus.

In the old days, having a great assistant and professionally produced speaker demo video was all you need to make it as a professional speaker. The speaking industry is much more competitive today and professional speakers often sacrifice their principles just to get a gig which tarnishes the image of the industry as a whole. This is why we created The Professional Speakers Tool Kit. Much of this content was shared at the National Speakers Association by our founder Ed Primeau.

Running a professional speaking business today requires several tools in order to “make it” on the speaking circuit. Our client speakers keep an eye on the components of this tool kit at all times. The tool kit is not easy when the aspiring speaker begins their journey but with the right attitude and perseverance the professional speaker tool kit will come together.

Tool One-Have A Powerful and Relevant Message

The first tool in the Professional Speakers Tool Kit is to be relevant or current and have a powerful message. Professional speaker and client of Primeau Productions Connie Podesta always had a powerful message and stays relevant with new stories and content. She has established a brand and uses that powerful and relevant message in her branding and Internet marketing. Today her message is “Stand out from the Crowd” which is also the title of her latest book and a Gold Medal winner in the 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards!

Tool Two-Have Charisma

The second tool in the tool kit to help you make it as a keynote professional speaker is charisma which means compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others; a divinely conferred power or talent! Some professional speakers make it in the business without charisma because their message is powerful. The professional speakers that make it into the top 20 best speakers on the circuit have charisma.

Tool Three-Have an Excellent Marketing campaign

The third tool in the professional speaker tool kit is an excellent marketing campaign. This campaign consists of several ingredients:
A professional produced speaker demo video
• Professional looking and easy to navigate website
• Word of mouth referrals, video are best but print are better than none
• Social media strategy using select social media sites (don’t try to keep up with them all)
• A content rich blog (content is king, embed videos in your blog when possible)
• A fair speaking fee and travel expenses (average professional speaking fee is $5,000.00)
• Good relationship with speaker bureaus

Tool Four-Look Good and Represent Value

The fourth tool in the kit is appearance. You have to look good and visually have value in your appearance. In order to command the type of fee a great keynote professional speaker earns, you have to look like a great speaker both on and off the platform. If you do not have the ability to choose clothing that compliments your appearance then find someone than can help. The rest of your appearance almost goes without saying. Your smile, demeanor, hair, nails and casual conversation off the platform all contribute to your appearance. Your appearance is your perceived value. This appearance must also come across in your professional speaker demo video.

Tool Five-A Pleasing Personality

We borrowed this one from Napoleon Hill. The fifth tool is a pleasant personality. Be sincere both on and off the platform. We have worked with some professional speakers that have a speech that is so much different than their casual conversation it’s scary! All of the great professional speakers can carry on a great dinner conversation. They have the ability to carry on a engaging conversation with a pleasant personality before and after their presentation. This personality always shows even in difficult situations.

One of the great professional speakers of all time Steve Rizzo has an amazing ability to use words to his advantage in any situation. Not only is Mr. Rizzo amazing on the platform, he is also fun and captivating to talk to before and after the presentation.

I would like to hear your comments on what you believe are tools that professional speakers should use in their professional speaker tool kit. You can post a comment below, email us at or call 800-647-4281. This business of speaking professionally has been through a major reinvention and there are many tools available for you to make it to the top!

Here is a sample of one of our professional speaker demo videos:


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