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3463166029_1c065a76dc_nInternet marketing is a simple concept when you come to realize that most people looking for your goods and services will search the Internet first before anything else. Creating expert driven content and professional video on your website in “teaser” form with links back to your website will help increase your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Briefly, Professional Video consists of high quality digital recorded footage including audio using direct microphone sound sources (not just the built in camera microphone). In other words, the announcer, presenter or performer is wearing a headset or lavaliere microphone and the audience (if applicable) is also being picked up with audience microphones. Audio is an important ingredient in a professionally produced video.

SEO and Internet Marketing
I remember when we began our first SEO campaign. Search Engine Optimization was an easy concept for me to understand. Our website is a key marketing tool and strategy for our business growth both locally and internationally.
Start out by selecting a group of words that describe your business. These descriptive words are known as “key words” are eventually embedded and designed into the homepage, blog and other Internet published articles content and tags.
These words correspond with wording or search criteria your customers choose when searching the Internet for a problem or need your business has the solution for. The goal with SEO is to have your website-virtual storefront-get noticed by the search engines. This is an Organic approach to building your business leads and selling your product.

Content and SEO
It is also important to create text, audio and video content that positions you as a thought leader in your industry. Expert content on your homepage, blog, social networks and article based websites like Go Articles including links back to your website will help position you as a thought leader and boost your SEO.
If you are having trouble thinking of what to write about and have published a book, you have plenty of content in those pages that can easily become articles or blog postings.
Content is also born from your perspective of an event or trend taking place in the word today especially if it pertains to your area of expertise.

Video and SEO
Today, the “Video Revolution” has added another element to search engine optimization by its powerful multi media information providing potential. Nothing communicates information and value better than a professionally produced video. High speed connectivity has allowed businesses to communicate their content and expertise using professionally produced video on the Internet. This video can be used on your website as well as Social Media Networks. Remember Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world!

If you are a victim of inbound “unsolicited” marketing in the form of email, newsletters or E-zine “spam” then you will understand the following opinion regarding unsolicited message delivery systems or outbound marketing.
I wish I had a nickel for every database my email address ended up in because I exchanged emails with somebody who happened to be an author of an E-zine. This form of outbound marketing worked for a short time on line and some people (far behind with regards to technology and the concept of Internet marketing) are just discovering outbound marketing. Using E-zine’s and e newsletters designed with programs like Constant Contact are almost a thing of the past when it comes to attracting new customers.

Outbound marketing is good for keeping in touch with past customers to help bring them up to speed with new developments in your area of expertise when done occasionally. Don’t send bubble gum or unsolicited outbound marketing, it will make you look like bad.

Internet Marketing” is where I would like to direct your marketing activity and attention to for the new business world.

Internet Marketing Campaigns with video have four parts:
First, a professionally produced marketing video 3 to 8 minutes in length that explains beyond a doubt what your expertise is using examples, explanation and examination of a problem in which you have a solution. It better have high production value and move along quickly using music, motion graphics and professional transitions. Page turns and poor sound quality will make you look like an armature. Video is the foundation of a great Inbound Marketing Campaign.

Second, content is king because it further proves your expertise. Content is extremely important and the first floor on your Internet marketing campaign. It is the expansion of your videos message in written or text form that attracts potential customers, visitors and interested networking candidates to your website which is really your business. Articles and Blog’s are great content delivery tools.

Third, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easier for potential customers to find you and your business. It is the second floor of your Inbound Marketing campaign. SEO is also embedding key words, Meta tags and content on your website and inbound and outbound (reciprocal) links to your site to leverage your best results in all searches. In other words, SEO helps your customers to find you instead of you looking for customers. There are people looking for your type of service and Internet marketing with focus on SEO helps them find you, its that simple.

Lastly, social media networks help prospects locate you. It’s another way for you to get your message out in cyberspace so prospects can find you. This Blog is a SEO amplifier because it is another net to catch prospects on the Internet and it contains content and is connected to our company name. When your expertise is shared and discussed in social media networks and relationships are developed through legitimate introductions, your intentions become more genuine and you are more likely to draw qualified customers to your website.

Internet marketing using video is extremely cost effective

With Internet marketing, cost is in the time you spend on research, strategy, and execution. Most of the social network websites are free. The investment is in the video and any editing or writing assistance. Keep in mind that you have to periodically update and improve your key words and articles as well as monitoring of industry positioning with your expertise. Just like what I am doing with this blog and other articles.

Remember, your website is your storefront just like a brick and mortar building accept visible on the internet worldwide and is always open for business. So your return on investment for business leads generated through a good Internet marketing campaign is high.

A blog costs nothing to start and there are free accounts available on Blogspot (Google service) and WordPress. In fact, if your website has a built in blog, opening additional account on these services will also increase your Internet visibility.

Primeau Productions has a Blogger blog at
A Twitter account is free, Linkedin, Facebook and Myspace also “nada coin”. All have the power to draw allot of prospects to your website and create networking opportunities. The marketing ROI (return on investment) from internet campaigns is also higher because the monetary investment is lower than traditional marketing campaigns.

When you execute an Internet Marketing campaign, you are contacted by people who are looking for your goods and services right now, not in the near or distant future. In other words, your prospects will come to you!
Internet Marketing is Organic by nature.

If you were to develop a pay-per-click campaign on Google, you can spend money on an ongoing basis and not receive your best results. Take a look at some of your competitor’s website content who have pay-per-click campaigns in place. Chances are their web content is weak which probably why they have engaged a pay-per-click campaign to draw traffic to their website. You can tell who is using a pay-per-click campaign when you search on Google; they are the ones on the right of the page that are under the “sponsor” category.

If you invest your money in expert based content and professional video that ranks in Google’s organic results and consistently work on your Internet marketing campaign you will join the ranks of the other successful businesses that have transitioned into the new business world.

Primeau Productions has website makeover and Internet marketing campaigns available. Call 800-647-4281 for more information. We will help you locate the video content delivery and social media networks that will best serve your business and market sector. There are 30+ video content delivery networks and 20+ social media websites that will help your SEO rankings.

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