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The Video Experience: Part Five – Promotion

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

9389117488_3133407f4dEvery business should have a niche. Here at the Primeau companies, our niche is professional speaking and explainer videos. Our main business activities are video production and video marketing. Most likely your company also has a niche. It is our belief that businesses have to recognize their niche and position their strength and passion toward that niche.

If you are marketing your business to the world, which you should be, no matter how large or small your niche might be, you have to keep in mind the vast differences in the cultures and populations of the world. The differences in culture translate into the differences in interests.

Now, just because your niche corresponds to an audience doesn’t mean they’ll react. Audiences need to be engaged by content. Your content has to be attention grabbing, unique, and most of all, entertaining. This circles back with the concept that your video must be creative, which will attract more attention than a bland video.

If your video is recorded with a smart phone camera, with poor audio and shaky shots, unless it is brilliantly creative, no one is going to engage. The shaky shots can cause people to become too dizzy to continue, and your audio may cause viewers to search elsewhere for the professionalism they’re looking for. You must make sure your content is clean, crisp, and visually appealing for your audience. In other words, creative!

Above all, the information communicated must be valuable. If your audience does not find value in your content, they’ll never respond to it. It’s important to keep in mind what people can learn from your business, and to cater to that with your content. The Internet is a never ending universe of useful information, and most audiences won’t waste their time if there’s not value to be taken from it. Create content that is beneficial for those who want to learn more about your niche.

Social Media Promotion

Social media provides endless opportunities for promoting your body of work. Within the past few years, social media has become a crucial part of online marketing for any industry – music, film, video, and business. Its universal platform has pushed companies like Dollar Shave Club into the spotlight.

Each social media site has its own set of characteristics, and learning those characteristics can be a great way to strategize how to utilize social media. Let’s look at the 6 biggest social media networks.

Facebook can provide the biggest reach for your content. With over 500 million users on Facebook, this platform can help push your content to the widest possible audience. Not only that, but Facebook has great advertising services/opportunities that coincide with niche audiences.

YouTube: Although we mentioned YouTube in our last post, we figured it needs an honorable mention in this section as well. Aside from being the #2 search engine in the world beneath Google, YouTube is also one of the strongest social environments there is. With its vast community of commenters, subscribers and likers, YouTube is a great way to build a social following, especially when relying on video.

Twitter: The beauty and the beast of Twitter is it’s instantaneous nature. Its speedy nature requires content creators to remain consistent in posting and browsing/interacting, but also creates a platform for the most recent news and stories. The name of the game with Twitter is persistence. Building your business on Twitter may take more time, but its immediacy also allows for speedy notification of an urgent product, service, or promotion.

Instagram: Instagram’s success follows the logic of blog sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest: a picture is worth a thousand words. People would rather be visually stimulated than read, and that’s where Instagram shines. Not only are you able to upload photos, but Instagram allows content creators to upload 15 second video clips. This creates another channel for video sharing, but on a more social platform. Regardless, this is another opportunity for sharing your video content.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides a professional network for those in any niche. Above all, LinkedIn is for making professional connections, and finding clients who are looking for your services. Though this platform may not be the best for sharing content, that doesn’t mean it can’t. Just make sure your content can conform to the business-like, professional atmosphere that LinkedIn emphasizes.

Google+: Though Google+ is the underdog in the social media world, that doesn’t mean it lacks value. The real value of Google+ lies in what it can do for SEO authoring. Those who connect their blogs/content with Google+ have the ability to be shown as the author in Google Search Results. This lends credibility to those searching, as they’re able to take a look at your content and build some sense of trust with a real mind behind it. Though it’s a little behind in the race for the top, Google+ is a very valuable social tool that still has potential to take over the market (Facebook’s reputation wasn’t built overnight; many were stubborn to join after so many years with MySpace.)

There are plenty of social media sites that can offer a platform for promotion, and new ones pop up every day, so don’t limit yourself to just a few platforms. The success of the big six, four of which started independently, shows that the right platform at the right time can do wonders for a business of any kind. Keep your options open, but also remain conscious that each of these sites offers a new opportunity for your content to gain exposure. So learn the proper techniques behind using each particular social media site, and you’ll benefit in the end from your strategy.

If you’ve made it this far and read all five parts to this Video Experience blog series, congratulations! You’ve picked up the basics of what it takes to create a successful video and video marketing campaign!

We truly hope that this blog series was useful, and that you put this knowledge to good use when designing your video marketing campaign.

If you have any questions, feedback, concerns, or further interest in video production and video marketing, feel free to give us a call, drop us an email, tweet, or Facebook post, and we’d be happy to discuss anything you’d like to learn about video marketing beyond the content in this blog series. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

photo credit: Social Media v3 via photopin (license)

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