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How to Become a Million Dollar Round Table Speaker

Monday, July 29th, 2013

4561176486_9ba23b6cc9If you are reading this blog post, you are probably an expert that speaks professionally and is interested in speaking to the Million Dollar Round Table. You probably know that the Million Dollar Round Table is an organization whose members come to learn from experts like yourself as well as some of the most experienced sales experts who are authors and professional speakers, as well as professional agents.

Top Producers from over 78 nations and territories and about 430 insurance and financial planning companies come to this annual meeting for continuing their education and mass mentoring. MDRT, as it is know in short, has members whose ages range from their early 20s to 90+.

Why should you speak for free on the MDRT stage? It provides you the opportunity to be visible to several insurance companies at the same time. These companies all have annual meetings and hire professional speakers. Please note that MDRT does compensate some of the main stage presenters.

How can you be one of the selected speakers for MDRT?

1.  You have to be really, really good at what you do.

2.  You need to connect with the members of the Main Platform selection committee and show them how good you are.

3.  It doesn’t hurt to have some respected MDRT producers/officers recommend you.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a great video of EXACTLY what you would be presenting. About 15 to 20 minutes since that is the length of an MDRT presentation. They review 2,500 videos and select 14.

What do you do if you are invited to speak? The first thing to do is have a professional video production company like Primeau Productions create an unedited 20 minute section from a recent speaking engagement. Once authored to DVD, you would send the video to the MDRT platform selection committee.

How do you know if you are good enough?  Compare yourself to your peers who have stood on the MDRT stage. Do you believe in your message and feel confident with your platform mechanics? It is also a good idea to also ask your peers to tell you about their experience and spin off speaking engagements received as you plan your strategy.

MDRT is one of the most prestigious speaking platforms in the world. Having spoken for MDRT is a huge credential and can be used in your future marketing efforts.

photo credit: Election 2010 Day 23 – Nick Clegg at Oxford Brookes University via photopin (license)

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