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IMG_6830Stress free living: it may be hard at first, but with time your guilt will diminish.

One of the biggest problems we are all faced with every week is saying yes when we really want to say no. Saying yes when we really want to say no causes unnecessary stress.

In business, we say yes to our clients in order to make them happy and provide great service.  Many of those yes’s should have been no’s and we would have served our clients better.

In our personal lives, we say yes when we really should say no to avoid guilt. Last week a friend asked me to help him design a website and marketing campaign for his bar in Detroit Michigan. I said yes because he is a great friend and truly needed our expertise. That yes will turn into work for us because he has a very historic high profile business in the heart of downtown Detroit.  That yes will be stress free because we can take our time with the activity and complete the project on our terms.

Often when people ask us to go out of our way they are thinking of themselves and not those they ask for help. If we all learned to say no at least some of the time, we would have less stress in our lives.

By saying yes too often, we add activity to our already busy lives. Think about the last time you reluctantly said yes and really wanted to say no. How much time would you have back in your life if you would have said no?

Saying yes when we really want to say no is very stressful. It’s not that people want to stress us out, but rather that so many need our help.  One of the greatest character traits of a leader is to delegate. When people ask for our help they are really trying to delegate some of their activity to us. The secret to living a happier and healthier life is to learn to say no more often. Think about the number of hours we could all get back into our lives if we said no just some of the time.

Next time somebody asks you to help them and you don’t want to, think of the language you can use to say no. Try these lines:

“I would really like to help you, but I am out of time this week.”

“If you saw my schedule this week you would know what I have to decline your request.”

How about this: “No.”

You do not have to be mean saying no. Keep your eye on the prize: the ability to keep your stress level down and have more time back in your life.

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