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Producing a Professional Video

Producing a professional video is to gather all video elements and define a creative process designed to communicate an effective message that exhibits value throughout the entire video.

A video production must be creative, entertain and tell the story about your business. Primeau Productions is very creative which is where the value is when doing business with us.  We use many tried and true tools like 3D animation and cutting edge effects to make your video look professional and exhibit a higher perceived value.


We create to captivate, and our goal is to create a video and video marketing plan that showcases your unique brand and value. The nature of video is to entertain and tell your story. Every company has a unique story to tell. Our creative team will help to identify your story and uniqueness and create a video to help you stand out from your competition. When creating your video marketing campaign, content reigns supreme. We help you discover, during our creative process, all aspects of your company’s uniqueness, core values, business philosophy and history.

Primeau Law of Video Production: Pre-production is very crucial to video production. Begin every video production by identifying, through extensive research, your company’s competitive advantage and benefits to include in your video production.

Editing for Content

One of the largest money pits in video production is an unorganized edit. Primeau Productions helps avoid the edit money pit though an organized pre-production process. This includes planning the video recording, productive viewing of all footage to be considered in the video production, and designing your video placement prior to beginning production. When everything is in order and properly archived, finding these elements and linking to project files can speed the editing process along, saving you time and money.

The attention span of an internet viewer today is dropping faster than ever. Visitors will jump video to video because of lengthy videos, poor production, and too much superfluous content.

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