Primeau Productions Video Production in Mexico: A True Miracle

102000105_cdc11ff559_nTo keep up with our growth, Primeau Productions, LLC retained the services of Hannah Zachert and Tim Meehan in 2011. Hannah is an excellent addition to the Primeau team with her expertise in graphic design and writing. Tim Meehan has a synergy that has kindled in Primeau Productions in so many ways.

When were stuck while trying to negotiate and complete our video production for the Napoleon Hill Foundation “The Master Key to Success” 13 part video series in Spanish, Tim Meehan led Primeau Productions in a direction. Primeau Productions goal is to help get Napoleon Hill’s message out through these videos to one of the largest and fastest growing market sectors in the world.

Meehan helped convince Primeau Productions that the project of translating these videos was worth the time and financial investment during a trip to Chicago last June when I presented at Notre Dame University for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event in Chicago on Internet marketing.

Taking the lead, Meehan found a translator in Myra Mexico, Judith, who is a teacher and speaks fluent English and Spanish. Judith did a wonderful job translating our summer intern Madeline Meehan’s transcripts of video 1-10 and Rachel Witucky’s transcripts 11-13 that were created from the English Master Key videos.

The DVD master has been authored and we are ready to go to press. Notre Dame University has placed the first order of DVDs. Don Green, Chairman of the Board of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, has requested another 300-400 sets.

Primeau Productions does have a contract with the Napoleon Hill Foundation for licensing the video and distributing it in Spanish form globally.

Meehan suggested a trip to Mexico to record the voice of Napoleon Hill to assure all translations were perfect. We decided to stay in Puerto Adventures at Blue Caribbean Resorts, who is a client and friend of Primeau Productions. The gated community of Puerto Adventures is a beautiful destination about 45 minutes south of Can Cun Mexico. Blue Caribbean Resorts provided a beautiful 4 bedroom 2 and a half bath condo on the Caribbean for us at no charge. Blue Caribbean is one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever been to and had the privilege to work with.


Our trip to Mexico to record also has parallel karma. After serendipitously finding Judith and having all 13 video scripts translated to Spanish, Meehan posted an ad on Local Gringo (Mexico’s equivalent to Craig’s List) to find a Spanish voice talent. We planned on having to fly in someone from Mexico City, Merida Mexico or Cancun Mexico.

We received one reply to Meehan’s ad from a woman who knew somebody who had done voice work in the past. She referred us to David Nunez and introduced Meehan to David via email.

The really amazing part of the story is that David happened to live right in Puerto Adventures, a 5 minute walk down the beach from where Tim and I stayed at Blue Caribbean Resorts. While finishing up the Napoleon Hill Spanish recordings during our weeklong visit, we got to know David Nunez. David has two master’s degrees, one from Harvard and the other from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a marine biologist.

David chooses a life in Puerto Adventures, leaving the American fast track behind. Today David is a Biology teacher at a Puerto Adventures private school. David Nunez also founded a nonprofit organization to help repopulate the bay in Puerto Adventured with bottom feeding sea creatures that have been absent for many years due to over fishing. We accomplished our goal of recording a perfect Spanish voice of napoleon Hill and met one of the most interesting and resourceful people who has become a friend and ally of Primeau Productions. Thank you to Blue Caribbean Resorts and David Nunez for helping Primeau productions deliver Napoleon Hill’s message to the Spanish speaking population.

David Nunez has authored two books about the under water world of the Caribbean.  Both books are available on Amazon:

photo credit: DSC01719 via photopin (license)

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  1. Jack Pyle says:

    Great story, Ed. You were a master of serendipity on that trip, eh? I love it when little miracles come into my life, which happens regularly. Hope to see you soon.

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