Primeau Productions helps Carry Napoleon Hill’s Message into the Future

OLD KEY-2In March of 2009, we uploaded low resolution videos segments of Napoleon Hill on the Primeau Productions YouTube channel. These segments are excerpts from “The Master Keys to Success”.
The program consists of 13 videos of the 17 principles from the best selling book “Think and Grow Rich”

In 2010, many of the videos have viewings in the tens of thousands. Now in 2011 the fist video clip has exceeded 300,000 views. I suspect this clip has helped a lot of people realize the keys to success.

In September of 2009, I had the idea of investigating the availability of producing those videos on DVD. Around the same time, (coincidentally) we received a call from Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Don had checked us out on line and was impressed with our video forensic and video production blend of business activity. The result was the beginning of a business relationship which led to Primeau Productions, Inc transfer and restoration of several 16mm films from the 1960’2 of Dr. Napoleon Hill.

We mentioned in an earlier blog post, my friend and client Mike Pallin gave us a set of “Your Right to be Rich” audio cassettes in 1992 introducing me to Napoleon Hill. I have listened to them virtually non stop while building Primeau Productions, Inc.

It is an incredible honor to have been selected by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to be responsible to digitally convert and restore (7) titles to date.

The 16mm films have either an optic or magnetic audio track. These films of Dr. Hill have an optic audio track. An optical audio track is herd by projecting light through the film, causing a sensor to translate the varying intensity of the light into electrical signals that are then converted to sound.

Magnetic audio tracks are recorded onto oxide stripes on the edge of the film, which are read by playback heads in the projector and work the same way as audiotape. Optical audio tracks look like a sound wave and take the place of a second set of sprocket holes on one side of the film as seen in the image below.


On the left side of the film are the sprockets that aid the projector in moving the film. On the right side is the optical audio track.

The Restoration Process
When the films first arrive at our Rochester Hills location, they are examined and cleaned before the transfer process. Since these films have the original master edit cuts, careful attention is paid to the brittle aged edit tape splices holding each edit together. Every time a camera angle is switched, a splice can visibly be seen on the film. Weak splices are repaired before the film is digitally transferred.

We are using a Cannon XL2 digital video camera with a wide angle lens for the transfer. An Elmo 16mm film projector is used for the film playback. The audio is taken from a ¼” output from the Elmo projector, sent through a direct box and converted to -10db microphone level for the XLR input on the Cannon XL2.

We find that the sound is clearer by stepping down from line to mic level instead of transferring line level audio from the projector to the digital video camera.

We always transfer 24ips to remove film flicker and maintain integrity. Two transfers are made onto the mini DV tape with slightly different iris settings. Focus and cropping is checked ahead of time using other film sources to avoid complications with this rare and historical Napoleon Hill footage.

Once the film has been transferred to Mini DV, we load it into Final Cut Pro for color correction, sharpening and audio optimization. We have been experimenting with a DVD series opening title and graphic.

We receive feedback and requests daily from the original YouTube videos that were posted in 2009 asking for Napoleon Hill on DVD. Teachers and other interested parties tell us that generation X and Y as well as millennials’s want to watch instead of read and listen. We believe that by making these Napoleon Hill videos available on DVD, Dr. Hills message will live on for years to come serving future generations.

Primeau productions, Inc. is honored to be able to help the Napoleon Hill Foundation restore these films and digital convert them for future generations! Stay tuned for more information and updates.

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