Part 8: You as the Movie Editor and More: How the Hollywood Pros Can Help

file0001311160630You as the Editor

The film editor is the person who assembles the various shots into a coherent film, with the help of the director. There is no one way to edit because editing is like art: it is a creative process.  The one characteristic of editing, though, is to make sure your shot sequences are cohesive. In other words, people who are watching your video must “get it”.

To help you edit, take good notes when video recording so you can tell which takes are best during the editing process.

There are several editing programs you can choose from.  Windows Movie Maker is a free program already installed in your PC if you use the Windows platform.  I Movie, also a free program, is installed in your Mac if you operate on the Apple platform.  Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are two other excellent video editing programs.

You as the Music Editor

The music supervisor, or “music director”, works with the composer, mixers and editors to create and integrate the film’s music.  Music is to video like good interior design is to a room.

There are many free music production libraries available as well as low cost production music.  There are also pay as you go licensing music libraries like Omni Music.  Apple Final Cut Pro video editing software comes with a full production music library. Production Trax is another excellent music library.

Use music to set the mood of your video.  Music also adds an element of production value.  It could set you apart from your competition.

You as the Distributor

A film distributor is a company or individual responsible for releasing films to the public, either theatrically or for home viewing (DVD, VideoOnDemand, Download, andTelevision etc.). A distributor may do this directly or through theatrical exhibitors and other sub-distributors.

There are over 30 video content delivery networks available for FREE on the Internet to help promote your video.  Plus, you can add links back to your website from these networks to your website to help with search engine rankings.

From “Blockbuster Business Videos: What The Hollywood Pro’s Want You to Know About Creating Video That Will Increase Your SEO, Win Clients and Set You Apart From Your Competition,” by Ed Primeau and Laurie Brown. Laurie Brown helps individuals present themselves effectively in person and virtually through the camera lens. You can reach her at or visit

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