New Elvis Presley Song “Living to Love You” Follow up: Just the Facts

file0001254508928Three weeks ago WWMT TV Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek called to ask if they could hire me as an audio forensic expert and conduct a voice identification on a song thought to be recorded by Elvis Presley. The following day they were at our studio with three versions of the song “Living to Love You”. I did complete voice identification and concluded that it was Elvis Aaron Presley singing the vocals.

Although the song was an odd song for Elvis to sing, RCA records has finally confirmed this week that the song was recorded in the RCA studios in Nashville Tennessee. The story on WWMT TV was correct at the moment. The interview I did on WXYZ TV had some false information because they did not do their homework as well as WWMT did. I take partial responsibility.

Monday of last week I was on the Mitch Albom Show WJR 760 am here in Detroit. I called Violet Hinton, the attorney handling the sale of the song for the family, and got the new facts.

Here is my interview with Mitch Albom:


Here are the recently released facts:
• The song is called ‘Living to Love You.’
• It was written by Jimmy Crane in 1965. Crane also wrote other songs for Elvis.
(The song was written for the film ‘Harum Scarum,’ however, it did not fit in with other tracks for the movie, so the song was dropped. Also written for the film was ‘Harem Holiday,’ which Jimmy Crane collaborated on with Peter Andreoli and Vince Poncia, Jr.)
• The song was recorded in the RCA Studio of Nashville, Tennessee in February of 1965.
• The pianist playing on the song was either Tiny Brooks or Floyd Cramer.
• Years later, in 1976, Jimmy Crane was conversing with Albert Lee regarding to the song. They agreed upon releasing the song, and Crane went to pursue getting the copyright back from RCA. This proved to be difficult, due to RCA not having a record of the song as it was omitted from the Harum Scarum soundtrack. However, Crane did succeed in acquiring the copyright in the end. However, the song was not released at that time.
• The contract regarding the song was signed that year, in 1976, by Albert Lee, his wife Delores Lee, and Jimmy Crane. The second contract was signed in 2009 and it extended the agreement between the three parties.
• Jimmy Lee became ill and passed away. Albert Lee, the producer of the song, decided that he wanted the song to get out, however, his studio was broken into and a lot of equipment was stolen. As a result, his wife moved what remained to their attic. Here the ‘Living to Love You’ track would remain for several years. Albert Lee passed away at age 93.
• The items pertaining to the song: the actual tape (which was created in 1968) and the signed contracts will all be auctioned off at Christie’s.
• The lawyer handling the sale is Violet Hinton (269-986-2368).

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