Napoleon Hill – The Master Key To Success (Spanish Edition)

Back in 2009, Primeau Productions LLC was commissioned by Don Green to restore 16mm film containing footage from thought leader Dr. Napoleon Hill, lecturing audiences in the early 1960’s. Six years later, we are working with the Napoleon Hill foundation to share Dr. Hill’s message amongst the digital world.

One of the most important of those messages, “The Master Key to Success,” is a historical video series recorded by Dr. Hill in the late 1930’s. The series taught viewers how to succeed in areas of business, family, and life itself. The series, along with Dr. Hill’s other publications, have inspired and touched millions around the world, with over 60 million copies sold worldwide of his book “Think and Grow Rich.”

“The Master Key to Success” series teaches lessons of time management, accomplishing goals, self-awareness, and even developing a sixth sense.

“In 13 dynamic sessions, Dr. Hill shows you how by simply using the principles of success he learned over four decades of painstaking research, you will receive the Success Master Key to unlock every door of opportunity. Less than 1% of the world knows about this elusive Master Key, capable of opening the door to your most far-reaching future. Napoleon Hill is handing you the key right now. TAKE IT! And your life will never be the same!” – Nightengale Conant

The Master Key To Success

This legendary series is available now (in Spanish) via Primeau Productions on Amazon. Click here to order!

You can watch some teasers of the series below!


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