Live Recording Vs. Studio Recording

4426306615_bbf5f6ebd8_nI want to take some time to discuss recording live versus recording in a studio. It’s difficult for most performers to give their best performance to the lens of a camera. It‘s just as hard in an audio studio to do your best playing to a microphone. Most performers are at their best when interacting with a live audience and feeding off of their energy and enthusiasm.

Tap into the energy of your audience.

Live recordings allow you capture the dynamic exchange of energy and passion between you and your audience. Your audience’s presence in the recording adds a dimension to the product—in radio, it’s called “theater of the mind.” But audiences do just as much to enhance video production.

Game shows are taped in front of live audiences because the audience adds more excitement. Musical groups videotape concerts because the audience adds so much to the recording. Even sporting events are better when played in front of an audience.

When you are in the studio recording it’s just you and the microphone and/or camera. Not only does self-consciousness, nervousness and anxiety cause interference but also the unusual, unfamiliar studio environment can be distracting and very lonely.


However, some products record better in a studio.

Books on tape are one. An author’s interpretation of a book will require studio recording for accuracy. Medical or training programs are also best when recorded in the studio. Again, because of accuracy, these audio materials should be outlined or scripted, then recorded in the studio to allow the author more control over the recording than in a live environment.

When you present or perform to a live audience, the audience is the number-one focus. You have to give them what they came for. You hope to get good material or performance for a product but oftentimes you’ll need to patch in some studio segues and editing or overdubs to correct the glitches in your live performance and turn the recording into a good product.


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photo credit: Live Recording Gig Gabriel Recording Studio Sarnen via photopin (license)

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