Legacy and Tribute Video Production

Greenwich-13There is a fairly new term that was coined a few years ago. That term is “sandwich generation”. This is the term used to describe people who have children and elderly parents to care for. These are the people humming along in life, working the way up the ladder of success, raising a family, having grandpa and grandma help out with the kids when all of a sudden, it hits us like a ton of bricks. A parent either needs help taking care of themselves or they become ill. Often times their spouse is still with them but other times not. There are several issues these sandwich generation people need to address. Who will help you, the caregiver in this difficult time?

This is the time to think about creating a video interview of your aging parent for genealogical purposes. If that parent is a great cook, video record a part of your legacy video in the kitchen to preserve fun times and cooking recipes. Pick a good spot either inside or outside your home to record an interview of their history so your future generations can meet your parent.

If a loved one has died, producing a tribute video to help celebrate their life helps relieve the grief at the time of death. Tribute videos as well as legacy videos are professionally produced using pictures, video interviews, professional film transfers and just about anything else you can think of around their life.

These videos don’t have to be complicated, they can be simple interviews full of historical information about your family that can be viewed by future generations. Pictures can be professionally scanned and films can be transferred to create a loving video that will live on for many years.

Here is a sample legacy video that was recorded in 2004 of Ann Primeau:

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