Internet Video Viewing Analytics Survey Results

2220267854_532f9d35df_nPrimeau Productions conducted a survey during September 2012 to learn more about people’s Internet video viewing behavior. We’re pleased to publish the results and to announce the winner of the Internet Video Viewing Behavior Survey Sweepstakes: Richard Avdoian. As his prize, we will produce a 2-3 minute video production with custom motion graphics and music for him.

Read the results of survey below. Click on the graphs to view them in larger formats.

1. On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being the most and 5 being the least), how much do you enjoy watching online videos?

11.8% responded 1, 21.3% responded 2, 26.8% responded 3, 27.6% responded 4, 12.6% responded 5.

2. How do you usually find out about a YouTube video?

15.7% of people look up topics that interest them. 40.9% responded that friends tell them they should watch a YouTube video. 25.2% find a link to a video. 36.2% responded all the above. 5.5% responded”other.”



3. We asked people to rank from top priority to lowest priority the features they find most interesting in a YouTube video.

38.9% of respondents ranked “funny” the most interesting feature. 38.1% ranked “explains how to do something” as the most interesting feature.



4. What motivates you to share a video in social media? Check all that apply.

78.0% checked “the video is useful/educational.” 73.2% checked “the video is funny.” 63.0% checked “the video is inspirational.” The next largest percentage was “the video has a shock factor,” at 15.7%.



5. In your opinion, what do you think makes a particular video become crazy popular and go viral?

We received a variety of responses (some of which fell into more than one category), but the highest percentages were “unique” (31%) “funny” (30%), and “shock factor” (17%).



6. Have you ever commented on a video on the Internet?

62.2% of respondents said yes. 37.8% of respondents said no.



7. If you have commented on a video, why? If not, why not?

We received a variety of responses, but the highest were “YES—to praise” (24%), “YES—my comment has value” (19%), “YES—to encourage/support” (16%), “NO—no need to” (13%), and “NO—no value to commenting” (7%).



8. What’s your favorite video length?

The highest percentages were 3 minutes (41.7%), 2 minutes (34.6%), and 1 minute (11.8%).



9. What length of video would you not to want to watch (i.e., it’s too long)?

The highest percentages were “more than 5 minutes” (17%), “more than 10 minutes” (14%), “10 minutes” (11%), and “depends on content” (11%).



10. What are the top 3 aspects of a video that motivate you to watch it to the end?

Top one responses with the highest percentages: “engaging” (18%), “educational/informative” (14%), “quality production” (10%), “funny” (9%).

Top two responses with the highest percentages: “quality production” (17%), “educational/informative” (13%), “funny” (9%).

Top three responses with the highest percentages: “quality production” (14%), “educational/informative” (13%), “engaging” (7%), “funny” (7%), “suspense” (7%).


photo credit: Exams Start… Now via photopin (license)

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