How To: Make Your Windows 7 Machine Run Faster!

Windows 7 PC Tuneup Quick Tips

There are many different techniques to keeping a windows computer happy and healthy. Today we will discuss just a few simple tips to get your Windows 7 machine operating at top notch!


Primeau Productions Recommended Software:

(Beginner Skill Level)

  • CCleaner is the BEST spyware and registry cleaner that Primeau Productions uses on a daily basis. It goes deeper than cleaning out internet cookies moving files around to save on space. It goes deeper to find problems within your registry and make your software programs communicate to your machine better. Not to mention it’s completely FREE!
  • AVG Anti-Virus is FREE and it works! No need to manually scan or update your anti-virus software anymore. AVG makes it simple to stop malicious scripts  from tearing your windows 7 machine to bits. It not only quarantines threats it comes into contact with, but also locks them in a virus vault for future removal and information on how it got into your system, and where it came from.


Quick Tip’s for Increasing PC Speed in Windows 7

(Moderate Skill Level; If you don’t feel comfortable digging this deep into your OS then we recommend to stay away from these tips)

  1. Disable SuperPrefetch – First we want to launch regedit from the start menu. Then navigate to this location in your registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Control Session Manager Memory Management Prefetch Parameters. Next you will want to modify the Enable Super Fetch value from 3 to 0. This will communicate to the program to stay dormant. (You should notice a dramatic increase in speed from this step)
  2. Windows Features – Navigate to your Start Menu, and in the search box type “Windows Features”. We recommend to disable the games folder if you aren’t an avid gamer in the simple games Windows 7 has to offer. Next under Microsoft .NET Framework, you will want to check both boxes under that drop down menu. And finally, you will want to un-check the Tablet PC folder which will turn off tablet features for your desktop or laptop machine. Following that click OK, but DO NOT RESTART. There are further steps to finish before a restart is necessary.
  3. Clear Temporary APP Data – Navigate to the start menu again, and type “RUN” into the search box and click OK. In the RUN window, enter “%temp%”. Then delete all files within this folder. Skip the files that cannot be deleted.
  4. Prefetch Data – Navigate to the start menu,  and enter “RUN” into the search box once more, and type “Prefetch” and click OK. Windows may ask the million dollar question of “Are you sure you want to see these files?”. Continue anyway.  Delete all files within this directory.
  5. REBOOT – Now comes the time for a system reboot.

And Your Done! 

Video Sample for More Help:

Credit for this information goes out to  YouTube user : EngageTutorials

photo credit: install now via photopin (license)

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