How To: Make Your Video Production Look Professional

SAMSON TXM20 1000w POWERED MIXER-SLIDERSAdd a professional touch to your video to attract potential customers, increase value, and establish your professional image. You can use professional voice-over and quality music to add a special touch.

Professional voice-over

One way to add a nice touch on any video is to have professional voice talent reading your script. A professional voice talent can add some serious impact to your message. You can find voice talent all over. Talent agencies are a good place to start. Also radio stations, since many of the pro voices are on radio. Television stations have voice talent who often work on and off camera, like the person who tells you to “stay tuned for the eleven o’clock news.” Even a professional speaker could do a voice-over.


The production company can also add music. Good music is to audio programs what interior design is to a cozy room. Music sets the mood or the stage for the performance or message. There are music libraries available for purchase in many forms. Some are buyout, others are pay-as-you-go.

Music styles range from light industrial to jazz to heavy rock and pop. In addition, the music library sends the production company new CDs from time to time at no additional cost but rather as a service to add value and incentive for the production company to keep their library available to their customers. The production company, in turn, charges a non-broadcast charge for the use of that music, with a small profit margin. This is a pay-as-you-go service.

The production company also files the license report with the library so everything is legitimate. It sounds a little complicated, but bottom line, the music is usually the first thing you hear, and can make or break a product, so pay the licensing fee as you go and get good music.

The library I use at Primeau Productions is Omni Music, simply because they are the best. Check them out at

Rights-free production libraries: Buy Out!

Another option is to buy a music library outright. There are a few good-sounding buy-out production music libraries. You could search the Internet to find these libraries along with some samples of their musical offerings. The downside is that there are a lot of buy-out music production libraries to begin with so look long and hard. There are a lot of musicians who have decided that it is easier to make a living creating production music than it is to make a hit record. Many are in the production music business and do not want the hassles of paperwork and licensing forms. That’s why a majority sells their production music outright.

If you are a musician with published music, you might consider licensing your music as production music. You can sell it to anyone who uses production music, like TV stations, production companies, ad agencies, video editing facilities and recording studios. Corporate America could also be a prospect for use of your music. Be sure your music has been copyrighted before you let anyone hear it! 

Original Music

Perhaps you know an aspiring musician who will license a song for your product or even create an original piece just for you. Check your sphere of influence first. More than likely you will know someone who knows someone who has a friend or acquaintance who writes music or is in a band. Maybe they’re good, maybe not. Practice your diplomacy skills by asking for a sample of their work before you give them the go-ahead to work with you. A word of advice: be sure that the original piece doesn’t sound too familiar. This may be because they borrowed a melody line or two from another published piece of music. Have the artist assume all responsibility with regard to copyright and simply license the song from them instead of buying it. And it wouldn’t hurt to offer the musician credit on the cover of your product.

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  1. Great information Ed for we less techy simple folk who lust to create stuff as good as yours. Guess the solution is to get you on the job when the result is important.

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