How to LEGALLY Survive in a Down Economy: Personal Economic Restructuring

file5801241837386I was listening to AM talk radio while driving to a client the other morning. The news was about nothing but crimes committed out of desperation. For example, a car drove into an ATM at a gas station and shot the operator in the arm at 4am. I started to think about what I would do if I lost my job, my home and my dignity and was motivated to write about my thoughts.

I know this might make some people angry, but if it even helps one person, I am glad. I want to inspire you to begin your own economic restructuring instead of being immobilized by anxiety.

Economic restructuring is happening all over America. Corporate America has succeeded and failed with restructuring. I believe personal economic restructuring is a must for any person or household in order to survive in these very turbulent times.

To make money, we each need to have a job. The higher our education and motivation, the more pay we can earn. If you have lost your job to forces beyond your control, getting mad or committing crimes is not the answer. The real answer is to be optimistic and find another job. Anything is better than nothing at first, even working at Walmart or McDonalds. Why? Because it gets you out of the house and gets you interacting with people.

Temporary jobs also help you combat depression. Human interaction is vital when you get depressed.

My first thought is do not borrow money. Borrowing money only sets you back further because even when you get back on track financially you have the debt to pay back. Plus, borrowing money is only a temporary solution; it will not solve the real problem of finding a job.

Everyone does something better than anyone else, so consider starting a business. I have been self employed since 1984 and cannot imagine any other way to make money. What do you do better than anyone else? Ideas include babysitting and selling art or crafts. (I have seen some amazing artwork from street vendors in New York and even purchased some.)

Join a multi-level marketing (MLM) company to start your own business. Home based businesses are on the rise. Not only do they put money in your pocket, they also help you socialize with your friends and family. Hint: don’t sell stuff you do not like. Three MLM’s I buy from include Sensi, Partilite and Shaklee. Somebody is earning commissions from my purchases.

One new MLM I believe is going to be huge is Thirty One. They sell purses. Not only do they have ladies’ purses and bags, they also have a men’s line.

Another way to make money is to have a garage or estate sale and sell some of you items. Don’t stop there—what items do your friends and neighbors have that you can sell at your sale to earn a commission from? Post your sale on Craig’s List for a stronger turnout.

You could also have a bottle and can drive and collect returnables. In Michigan, we get ten cents for a can or bottle. One hundred cans earn you ten bucks, enough to buy a pack of cigarettes or lunch for three at a fast food restaurant. Collect as many cans and bottles as you can. If you are comfortable, go door to door and announce that you are raising money by conducting a can and bottle drive asking if they would like to contribute.

When times get really hard, get dressed up so you look presentable and visit a local hotel that has room service. Walk the halls and look for room service trays that are in the hall on the floor. I would not stop and eat right there. Bring a bag and put the leftover food in the bag and take home for later consumption. In a city like Las Vegas, there is much food wasted on a daily basis that never finds its way to hungry Americans.

I hope one thing in this unusual blog post sparked an idea or some motivation in you to try something to move you out of worry or depression. The likelihood that somebody is going to call you to offer to help is not so good. You have to do your economic restructuring on your own.

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