How To Create Video Like the Pros

Video ProductionWe have arrived at “The Video Revolution Online”. There is more video on the Internet today than ever before. Much of the video is homemade and works for its intended purpose. If you are a business that is using video to help convince a prospect to contact you (which is a very important focus for your Internet and
social media marketing efforts) then you must consider these 5 components of a successful video.

By successful we mean your video has to accomplish a purpose that it was intended for. If your video is intended to sell (sales video), then it better walk your Internet shopper through a sales process driven by benefits. If your video is intended to demonstrate (demo video) than it better demonstrate your talent, skill and ability. If your video is intended to market (marketing video), than your video better show marketing process that engages your prospect.

There are 5 qualifications of a great video; Creativity, video production quality, audio quality, graphics quality and sustainability.

Creativity is the backbone of your video. It’s the spark that brings your idea to life. Some people feel they can create their video on their own and save money. That works some of the time. Most successful videos that sell have a creative team behind the video production; a creative director, project manager, graphics designer, video editor, audio post producer, and producer. The creative director is the person who pulls all creativity together and organizes the design, look and feel of your video.

Video production quality is the look and feel of your video footage. “You can’t make a purse out of a sow’s ear” is true especially when producing a video you want to make a great first impression. However if you know what you are working with going into a project, there are skills that can be applied and planned for in advance to improve the quality of a poor video like color correction and other adjustments. Video restoration is an art that Primeau Productions founder Ed Primeau as perfected. Several of our clients send us DVD’s as a master video source which is not optimal. We extract the DVD video footage and import into one of two video editing systems; Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

The audio is then exported from the video editing program and imported into an audio program like Pro Tools or Sound Forge to optimize the volume, reduce background extraneous noise, and add equalization. The outcome is an improved video source for your production.

When we are provided existing video, we always begin the production process looking at all video footage provided. Rating is based on video and audio quality, composition, number of cameras, level of energy and performance. If we are hired to record the video footage, all these items are covered well in advance.

Audio quality is an often overlooked characteristic of video production. There are some basic fundamental requirements to great audio for video. First, volume should be in the -15 to -6 range on digital video; peaking no more than -3. In the old analogue days, over saturation was more forgiving than on digital video. Over saturation or audio that is too loud will become distorted when recorded to digital video. Keep in mind that if you are recording audio to video through an audio mixer, these same volume characteristics still apply. Maintain the same volume levels on the audio mixer as you do on the video camera (video recorder).

Background audio noise is another characteristic that can ruin audio quality on video. If a mixing board is too noisy because of unnecessary inputs that are on and not being used or electric buzzes and hums are present, background noise will be present creating more work in the edit suite. Primeau productions and other professional production houses have a part of the video editing and production process called audio post that minimizes background noise, optimizes volume and sound quality and evens out all audio from the many video sources.

Graphics quality has become a very important ingredient in video. If you look at some of the graphics and motion graphics you see in television programs and other Internet videos, you will notice a level of quality that must be acknowledged. People may not dissect your video and point out that your graphics are poor but subconsciously poor graphics contribute to lack of interest in your message. When professional graphics are added to a video production, it lifts the overall quality of the production.

Sustainability is a video that lasts and will stand up to time. If you are going to create a professional video that brings in prospects and generates leads, then you want it to last a long time so you get a good ROI (return on investment). Great video production companies know how to create videos that are not only effective but have sustainability; they hold up over time.

Check out this 4 minute video edited by Shelley Sink for Pulte Homes

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