Part 2: You as the Script Writer: How the Hollywood Pros Can Help

9165096158_a898527c5b_nYou as the Script Writer

The script writer develops a story idea with believable, interesting characters and lays out the plan on paper for the production team.

In this initial phase the writer fixates on a compelling idea and begins the “What if…” game. Characters are developed with back stories to flesh them out, and the idea grows into a causal storyline with a beginning, middle and end that includes the major plot points of each act. At the end of this process the screenwriter should know each character as well as a best friend, able to quickly predict how the character would react in any situation. The genre and theme should be clear, the story, solid.

Create the video in your mind’s eye first then commit it to paper in a story board style for easy communication to your production team. Write out the wording or copy points even if not perfect so everyone understands your vision.

What this means to you is that you have to come up with the script for your video before you begin the production process.  Spend some time before you begin jotting down ideas.  It’s amazing how putting pen to paper helps the creative process.

Make a list of the topics you can write a script about; what are you a subject matter expert on? How does your talent, skills and ability translate to a valuable script idea and video?

Remember that you can make revisions to your script so you don’t have to be perfect on the first draft.  Show your script to a mentor or employee and get their opinion and feedback.  Two heads are better than one.

  • You need to write a script
  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they need to know about your topic?
  • How will you format your message?
  • Make a list of topics to elaborate on
  • You can always revise your script before recording any video

From “Blockbuster Business Videos: What The Hollywood Pro’s Want You to Know About Creating Video That Will Increase Your SEO, Win Clients and Set You Apart From Your Competition,” by Ed Primeau and Laurie Brown. Laurie Brown helps individuals present themselves effectively in person and virtually through the camera lens. You can reach her or visit

photo credit: Cracking Animation via photopin (license)

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