Five Benefits of Selling Your Product

moneyYour products are a passive marketing tool for you; another way of marketing your performance when you are not there. Think about it like this: someone sees your show and enjoys it enough to buy your video or audio product. They take it home and share with their family, friends and co-workers. If they are trying to share your lessons on sales or time management, then your product becomes a vehicle for repetitive instruction. By offering a product, you raise your potential for incremental growth, in terms of income and your “brand” awareness.

Think of it as a secondary marketing campaign.

Nothing will work harder for you to build public awareness. Bands that make audio or videotaped product have a better potential for getting booked than the bands that have no product.

Some of my favorite music is by the Beatles. I have rewound those tapes a few thousand times, just like my favorite motivational tapes by Napoleon Hill, Your Right to be Rich, which contains excerpts from a lecture based on his book Think and Grow Rich. Those tapes have served me well by being so accommodating as a teacher. They allowed me to learn at my own speed.

I produced several videos for Professional Humor Being Steve Rizzo, which, to this day, are some of my best productions. They are about thirty minutes long and their main purpose was to get Steve more speaking engagements. It’s so good; people take it home to show their families. We heard about one lady who booked Steve because of the video, and took it to a family reunion! Do you think he gets great additional visibility as a result of this secondary market?

You can take it to the bank.

Your product will provide you with additional income stream for years to come. Once the initial production costs are amortized and recouped, then that product goes on to earn you passive income for years. In the music business, royalty checks are a sight for sore eyes to the artist that has not had a gig in ages. In the speaking and training business, catalogs are a great vehicle for moving product. Websites are another. After the live engagement, your product gives you the opportunity to walk away from the gig with extra cash in your pocket.

An investment in your posterity.

Think of the future benefits of having a product. This production will be around long after you’re retired from the business. Your product is your legacy! Throughout your career, your live performances will always be limited by the number of seats in your venue, and the number of minutes in your day. You can only reach so many people, no matter how packed your schedule may be.

But, through a video or CD, your venue is suddenly timeless and limitless. Products rip away any barriers to your ability to touch others. You could perform for thousands of people throughout the course of your performing years.

Take your art to a higher place.

Going through the recording and production process will also help you become a better performer. Similarly, in the music world, a singer in a studio working on a song experiences the same benefits of growth. They may have come to the studio with an idea or concept of how a song comes together but it’s the studio environment and the recording process that helps them develop it.

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This information is taken from my book The Art of Production, which you can purchase from Amazon or you can purchase an e-book version from SmashWords.

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