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One of the first rules of sales is to show, don’t tell. In other words, you will be more successful converting a prospect into a sale if you  show what you are trying to sell instead of simply telling the prospect why they should do business with your company. Today, we have a relatively new video production concept called ‘explainer videos’. The word ‘explainer’ is not even a Webster word but rather a made-up word that is used for marketing purposes.  Like demo videos, ‘explainer videos’ are a perfect passive 24|7 sales and marketing solution to helping prospects experience your company.
Similar to explainer videos are demo videos. Primeau Productions has been producing demo videos  for 30 years. A demo video is  similar to an explainer video in that it helps passive prospects experience your company through the power of video. Primeau  Productions has had a solid niche creating Professional Speaker demo videos. With our experience creating Professional Speaker demo videos, it was a natural progression to include explainer videos in our product line.



At Primeau Productions we believe explainer videos should be relatively short and get to the point quickly and creatively. Explainer videos should be informative and entertaining like these sample of videos we believe are some of the best explainer videos on the Internet: http://www.videobrewery.com/blog/10-best-startup-explainer-videos-ever.



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