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One of the first rules of sales is to show, don’t tell. In other words, you will be more successful converting a prospect into a sale if you  show what you are trying to sell instead of simply telling the prospect why they should do business with your company. Today, we have a relatively new video production concept called ‘explainer videos’.  Like demo videos, ‘explainer videos’ are a perfect passive 24|7 sales and marketing solution to helping prospects experience your company.


Bronze Package – $995

1-3 minutes in length, this starter package includes recording for 1/2 day (4 hours) , logo artwork, ads, pictures, awards and other to-be-determined content. This package is best produced by using an on camera interview as the voice over or script outline for the video. The experts at Primeau Productions will format, color correct and edit all identified content and produce a professional video that is designed to increase your prospect base. People buy people, so a company spokesperson can be a key employee that we help you identify or an actor (actor fee not included).


Silver Package – $1495

2-5 minutes in length, this upgraded package is executed by video recording content from your body of work (logo artwork, ads, pictures, awards, trade magazine articles and other to-be-determined content). Primeau Productions will work with your team to create an production outline. This will be produced with motion graphics or recorded video content.  The video content will be recorded for 1/2 day (4 hour period) either at your company location or in our Rochester Hills studio. We  also include broadcast quality motion graphics.

Primeau Productions will format, color correct and edit all content in to a professional 2-5 minute video that can be used on your company website and YouTube (second largest search engine in the world).


Gold Package – $2895

2-8 minutes in length, our gold explainer video package is the perfect solution for companies who want to be positioned as a leader in their industry. Like the previously mentioned packages, our gold package is executed with the same care and expertise with pre-production, production and post production activity.  In this package we include additional production techniques, like motion graphics, stock footage and stock image licensing; additional professional grade elements to raise the bar on your existing available content. The video content will be recorded for 1 day (6-8 hour period) either at your company location or in our Rochester Hills studio.

At Primeau Productions we believe explainer videos should be relatively short and get to the point quickly and creatively. Explainer videos should be informative and entertaining like these sample of videos we believe are some of the best explainer videos on the Internet: http://www.videobrewery.com/blog/10-best-startup-explainer-videos-ever.



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