Every Business Needs a CTO – Chief Technology Officer

mac-love-1313664Technology has taken a front seat with many business operations. Computers help with scheduling, accounting and communication and are now also the number one tool for marketing, especially Internet marketing. It’s time companies create a position for someone in charge of technology or a chief technology officer. The primary role of this position is to keep updated on the technological advancements as well as the tools available to help advance the business.

One of the most important items in the job description for this CTO should be how to use technology to get more customers by managing an Internet marketing campaign. The CTO should know basic HTML programming, have an understanding of social media and keep informed by reading Internet articles that inform about updates and the latest technology, software and websites that aid the CTO with the company’s Internet marketing campaign.

Traditionally, there are two ways to operate an Internet marketing campaign. The first approach is to outsource to a professional company that can teach your CTO Internet marketing techniques that are tried and true. The second and more costly way is to hire a professional company with a great success rate to handle your campaign. In my opinion, it is better and more cost effective to hire a CTO that can handle your Internet marketing campaign.

It’s a good idea to have the outsourced company launch your campaign and train your employees to manage your campaign. Make a list of all daily activities like tweeting, blogging and video production to help position your business as a thought leader. Then once the initial launch and training are complete have your CTO manage your campaign.

Here are a few reasons why a CTO is the way to go:

1. Successful Internet marketing campaigns require daily monitoring and activity. This activity is more cost effective using a full time employee instead of outsourcing.

2. You can develop an Internet marketing procedures manual that will serve your company well for years to come and the next generations of CTO. It will add value to your business.

3. You will learn about Internet marketing quickly and you will be able to guide your campaign strategically.

4. In-house Internet marketing will lead you through a door that you would not otherwise have entered for business growth. By having a person on staff that understands all aspects of managing an Internet marketing campaign, your team can develop a strategic plan. The CTO can then modify that plan on an ongoing basis.

Here are some of the activities your IM strategist will do on a day to day basis:

1. Revise your website to improve SEO by adding and revising key words and page text, images and video.

2. Answer social media requests and manage social media campaigns.

3. Develop a system to accumulate back links from clients and other social websites.

4. Solicit guest blogging reciprocation.

5. Build a network of article based marketing websites by uploading existing and yet to be written articles that exemplify your thought leadership.

If you are thinking about having an on staff CTO but don’t know where to begin, think about hiring an intern or college student part time. You may be able to find an individual that is working toward a degree in social media and/or Internet marketing. You can also look for a high school or college student to launch your campaign. High school students are great with technology and the Internet.

If you decide to bring in a professional company like Primeau Productions, LLC to train your CTO, audio record your training program so you can use it for future employee orientation.

Use Camtasia to video record screen captures of the training as well.

There are many free eBooks available online that will also help you learn more about Internet marketing; you should allocate time to read as much as you can.

Traditionally new business comes into a company through sales and referrals. Internet marketing will improve your SEO by moving your website closer to page one. Having a CTO will help streamline your day to day Internet marketing activity so when people search the web looking for what you have to offer, they will find your website.

Get in touch with Primeau Productions, Inc. and let us help get your Internet marketing campaign on the right track. Consulting processes begin at just $50.00.

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