Documentary of EL Viejito Tequila’s Story of Success

14272813272_9178b4f4a7_nEL Viejito Tequila hired Primeau Productions to come to Guadalajara Mexico to document their 75th anniversary. Their story, which Primeau Productions will be turning it into a documentary, begins with young man who completed school and got a job for a major tequila distillery. While working in the tequila distillery, he decided to start his own distribution company. On a side note, a lot of bottlers of tequila buy the tequila from a distillery and they package it with their own name and their own bottle and then offer it for sale. In this particular case, Indalecio Nuñez, who had been the little boy who set out to get an education for himself, built his own tequila distillery and called it EL Viejito, which translates as “little old man” in Spanish. Indalecio Nuñez continued this brand for seventy five years until now, with the family’s third generation’s son running the company and has taken it to a completely new height than what it has ever been. EL Viejito has very little recognition in the United States but soon the distribution will grown and the brand will become very popular because it is one of the best tequilas on the market.

EL Viejito brought in Primeau Productions to help them with their video marketing by coming to Guadalajara to video record the 75th anniversary celebration. The tequila distillery from EL Viejito is about an hour’s drive outside of Guadalajara in the middle of a beautiful valley surrounded by blue Agava plants, which are the main ingredient in genuine tequila. One of the first things I noticed when I got to the distillery was how beautiful the grounds were and how well they were maintained. A huge tree stood out in the front by the offices and was at least one hundred to one hundred and twenty five years old judging by the size of it. It was absolutely beautiful. In the back of the distillery is a beautiful pond and farm that was built so that all of the workers could take home food to benefit and help their families. There were chickens and cows and it was just a beautiful environment for them all to enjoy. The theory behind this is that if the workers are all happy, they will work in better harmony and produce a quality product.

The people had an incredibly high work ethic. Watching everything being done by hand was truly amazing. From splitting the Agave –which sounded like a juicy and crisp watermelon being sliced in half– to hand-loading it into ovens where the steam would cook the Agave and make it soft and bring out the sugars so it would go through a pinch roller process in order to squeeze all of the juice out which actually goes into making the tequila.  And tequila is only made in certain regions of Mexico just like champagne is only made in certain regions of France and the genuine tequila that EL Vijieto produces, according to the family, is the best.

While Primeau Productions was in Guadalajara, we interviewed the family and video recorded the tequila making process from beginning to end. We are planning on creating this documentary to offer to a network in the United States and around the world to better help people understand how tequila is made and why EL Viejito is the best brand on the market. The video will also tell the story of how Indalecio Nuñez built this distillery to create this product that is benefiting so many different people in Mexico by creating jobs. Since the distillery has been built up, a large community has evolved around it as a result of all the jobs that have been created. As another plus, they’re very eco-friendly: once the juices have been pressed out of the Agave, all of the waste is turned into compost, which is in turn put back into their soil to  fortify it and give it tons of nutrients. It’s an incredible story of how one man’s dream created opportunity for a community and a successful product.

photo credit: Carrera Bonafont 2014 via photopin (license)

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