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Tips to a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign: How to Produce, Publish and Promote for more Prospects and Profit using Internet and Social Media

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

2987264781_c464fc622a_nAs you begin building your Internet Strategy, it is important to understand some terms that are associated with Internet marketing. First is Internet Marketing—the activity and strategy an organization develops utilizing teaser content on all available networks to help drive traffic to the organization’s purchasable website content.

The second term is Social Media—the online connectivity of friends, fans and followers in numerous online communities engaged in a meaningful exchange of information, thoughts and comments. When it is time for people who have engaged in communicating with you to need your service, they know where to go.

The real purpose of an Internet marketing campaign is to position yourself and your company as thought leaders in your area of expertise or industry. Thought Leadership is the perceived value created by disseminating subject matter expertise across the Internet to position yourself as an expert in your industry. Post industry-specific information and expertise that readers find useful, valuable and beneficial. As a result, these communities will follow you and consider you a “Thought Leader” in your area of expertise.

The basic web components necessary to begin an internet marketing campaign are:

1. Google Gmail or another dedicated email account so your main email account does not get bogged down. By having an email account specifically dedicated to your Internet marketing campaign, you can manage your time and activity better. When you want to work, use your main email account. When you want to market, use this dedicated email account.

2. Facebook, which is competing for the position of being the most used website on the planet. Open a Facebook page for your personal use and a Facebook Fan page for your business activity. Get as many friends, family and followers to like your Facebook fan page as you can. Post updates about your company as they become available.

3. Linked In, the number one business website. Use Linked In groups to network with other business professionals and build relationships.

4. Twitter, which is a great tool to find prospects by creating groups. Market your teaser content to these prospect groups and continue to build thought leadership by sharing teaser content. Drive traffic to your purchasable content. Don’t be self-serving; be a fun tweeter and people will follow your activity.

5. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world. Upload video content to YouTube and share that content in your blogs and with other YouTube members. Embed video on your website.

6. Thumbtack, a fun website that allows you to earn points by being active. You will gain followers and receive inquiries from prospects looking for what you have to offer.

7. A blog. Blogging is an activity that should be done as often as possible because it also allows you to share your thought leadership content with the world. Plus, blog content shows the search engines that your website is a source for content on your thought leadership activity. Content is king for Internet marketing. Blogs are a great way to share thought leadership content.

8. Article based websites. Disseminate content on Article based websites like Go Articles and Article Base to help grow your brand and Internet presence.

Materials and Information required to begin your Internet marketing campaign:

1. Social media accounts as outlined above. Remember to add your website address in your profiles.

2. Company mission statement, logo, and general information to maintain focus on predetermined strategies and thought leadership. Having this information handy will help you move through building your profiles.

3. A list of all upcoming and past projects and events, which will give you something to talk about when you begin your marketing campaign. Your goal is to share useful information without appearing to be “selly”.

4. A password sheet created in Word or Excel for easily access so you remember how to log into all these accounts.

5. A list of potential cross promotional bloggers. Identify guest bloggers in your communities who can create content for cross promotion purposes. You can be a guest blogger and you can recruit guest bloggers. Reciprocate links to each other’s websites to help build traffic. The more traffic you have, the better your Internet rankings with search engines.

6. Any other information regarding your company’s web presence, expertise and benefits that your friends, fans and followers will be interested to know about your organization.

7. Any information on affiliated businesses/clients (associations) that may be used for cross promotion.

8. Other creative content such as blog articles, videos, pictures, and past newsletters. Remember to subtitle your pictures and video for better search engine results.

The bottom line: if you do not have time to conduct this activity, you have two other options for beginning your Internet marketing campaign. One, you can hire a student to help you with this activity. You are the leader of your campaign so make sure to keep an eye on your campaign as well as continuously create content.

Your other option is to hire a professional company to handle your campaign. Professionals know a lot about other Internet marketing tools such as share buttons and earning your links from other websites. Pros also know how to earn your links from .EDU and .GOV websites which help more with search engines than just .COM links.

If you are overwhelmed, just get started. Like any new business activity, the more you do the better you’ll get at it. Feel free to contact Primeau Productions, LLC with any questions.

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How to LEGALLY Survive in a Down Economy: Personal Economic Restructuring

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

file5801241837386I was listening to AM talk radio while driving to a client the other morning. The news was about nothing but crimes committed out of desperation. For example, a car drove into an ATM at a gas station and shot the operator in the arm at 4am. I started to think about what I would do if I lost my job, my home and my dignity and was motivated to write about my thoughts.

I know this might make some people angry, but if it even helps one person, I am glad. I want to inspire you to begin your own economic restructuring instead of being immobilized by anxiety.

Economic restructuring is happening all over America. Corporate America has succeeded and failed with restructuring. I believe personal economic restructuring is a must for any person or household in order to survive in these very turbulent times.

To make money, we each need to have a job. The higher our education and motivation, the more pay we can earn. If you have lost your job to forces beyond your control, getting mad or committing crimes is not the answer. The real answer is to be optimistic and find another job. Anything is better than nothing at first, even working at Walmart or McDonalds. Why? Because it gets you out of the house and gets you interacting with people.

Temporary jobs also help you combat depression. Human interaction is vital when you get depressed.

My first thought is do not borrow money. Borrowing money only sets you back further because even when you get back on track financially you have the debt to pay back. Plus, borrowing money is only a temporary solution; it will not solve the real problem of finding a job.

Everyone does something better than anyone else, so consider starting a business. I have been self employed since 1984 and cannot imagine any other way to make money. What do you do better than anyone else? Ideas include babysitting and selling art or crafts. (I have seen some amazing artwork from street vendors in New York and even purchased some.)

Join a multi-level marketing (MLM) company to start your own business. Home based businesses are on the rise. Not only do they put money in your pocket, they also help you socialize with your friends and family. Hint: don’t sell stuff you do not like. Three MLM’s I buy from include Sensi, Partilite and Shaklee. Somebody is earning commissions from my purchases.

One new MLM I believe is going to be huge is Thirty One. They sell purses. Not only do they have ladies’ purses and bags, they also have a men’s line.

Another way to make money is to have a garage or estate sale and sell some of you items. Don’t stop there—what items do your friends and neighbors have that you can sell at your sale to earn a commission from? Post your sale on Craig’s List for a stronger turnout.

You could also have a bottle and can drive and collect returnables. In Michigan, we get ten cents for a can or bottle. One hundred cans earn you ten bucks, enough to buy a pack of cigarettes or lunch for three at a fast food restaurant. Collect as many cans and bottles as you can. If you are comfortable, go door to door and announce that you are raising money by conducting a can and bottle drive asking if they would like to contribute.

When times get really hard, get dressed up so you look presentable and visit a local hotel that has room service. Walk the halls and look for room service trays that are in the hall on the floor. I would not stop and eat right there. Bring a bag and put the leftover food in the bag and take home for later consumption. In a city like Las Vegas, there is much food wasted on a daily basis that never finds its way to hungry Americans.

I hope one thing in this unusual blog post sparked an idea or some motivation in you to try something to move you out of worry or depression. The likelihood that somebody is going to call you to offer to help is not so good. You have to do your economic restructuring on your own.

Mark Thompson with Steve Jobs

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

“What I learned from Steve Jobs” by Mark Thompson.








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Monday, October 17th, 2011

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Every Business Needs a CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

mac-love-1313664Technology has taken a front seat with many business operations. Computers help with scheduling, accounting and communication and are now also the number one tool for marketing, especially Internet marketing. It’s time companies create a position for someone in charge of technology or a chief technology officer. The primary role of this position is to keep updated on the technological advancements as well as the tools available to help advance the business.

One of the most important items in the job description for this CTO should be how to use technology to get more customers by managing an Internet marketing campaign. The CTO should know basic HTML programming, have an understanding of social media and keep informed by reading Internet articles that inform about updates and the latest technology, software and websites that aid the CTO with the company’s Internet marketing campaign.

Traditionally, there are two ways to operate an Internet marketing campaign. The first approach is to outsource to a professional company that can teach your CTO Internet marketing techniques that are tried and true. The second and more costly way is to hire a professional company with a great success rate to handle your campaign. In my opinion, it is better and more cost effective to hire a CTO that can handle your Internet marketing campaign.

It’s a good idea to have the outsourced company launch your campaign and train your employees to manage your campaign. Make a list of all daily activities like tweeting, blogging and video production to help position your business as a thought leader. Then once the initial launch and training are complete have your CTO manage your campaign.

Here are a few reasons why a CTO is the way to go:

1. Successful Internet marketing campaigns require daily monitoring and activity. This activity is more cost effective using a full time employee instead of outsourcing.

2. You can develop an Internet marketing procedures manual that will serve your company well for years to come and the next generations of CTO. It will add value to your business.

3. You will learn about Internet marketing quickly and you will be able to guide your campaign strategically.

4. In-house Internet marketing will lead you through a door that you would not otherwise have entered for business growth. By having a person on staff that understands all aspects of managing an Internet marketing campaign, your team can develop a strategic plan. The CTO can then modify that plan on an ongoing basis.

Here are some of the activities your IM strategist will do on a day to day basis:

1. Revise your website to improve SEO by adding and revising key words and page text, images and video.

2. Answer social media requests and manage social media campaigns.

3. Develop a system to accumulate back links from clients and other social websites.

4. Solicit guest blogging reciprocation.

5. Build a network of article based marketing websites by uploading existing and yet to be written articles that exemplify your thought leadership.

If you are thinking about having an on staff CTO but don’t know where to begin, think about hiring an intern or college student part time. You may be able to find an individual that is working toward a degree in social media and/or Internet marketing. You can also look for a high school or college student to launch your campaign. High school students are great with technology and the Internet.

If you decide to bring in a professional company like Primeau Productions, LLC to train your CTO, audio record your training program so you can use it for future employee orientation.

Use Camtasia to video record screen captures of the training as well.

There are many free eBooks available online that will also help you learn more about Internet marketing; you should allocate time to read as much as you can.

Traditionally new business comes into a company through sales and referrals. Internet marketing will improve your SEO by moving your website closer to page one. Having a CTO will help streamline your day to day Internet marketing activity so when people search the web looking for what you have to offer, they will find your website.

Get in touch with Primeau Productions, Inc. and let us help get your Internet marketing campaign on the right track. Consulting processes begin at just $50.00.

I Did Know Jack

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


When I heard that Jack Kevorkian died on June 3, 2011, something happened. A flood of memories came rushing back into my conscious. I had not seen Jack in about 10 years.

I met Jack Kevorkian quite fortuitously.

One Saturday in 1996, I got a call on my cell phone from Geoffery Fieger asking if I rented out my studio for press conferences. After about 3 seconds I said, ‘Yes, I do.’ The studio was located at 17117 West Nine Mile in Southfield, Michigan. My company, Primeau Productions, occupied a space on the 17th floor; 4,200 beautiful square feet of freshly built out carpet, glass and Formica.

Geoffery wanted to have a press conference announcing a song Detroit icon, Mitch Ryder wrote for Dr. Jack; “Mercy.”The song was recorded in Germany by Mitch’s record company, Line Music, and the lyrics told a story about Jack’s passion and purpose. The press conference was that following Monday (remember, it was Saturday). I asked how he would have the press at our offices at 9 AM Monday morning and Geoffery said, “Don’t worry, they’ll come.” I guess I didn’t realize how powerful Geoffery and Dr. Jack’s story really was.

The press showed up right on time, in fact, I got to the studio about 7 AM and dozens of people from the press were lined up down the hall waiting to get in. It was not clear what Geoffery Fieger’s announcement would be from the faxed press release. Fieger, being a very powerful man here in Michigan, had the ability and the know-how to draw such a crowd.
The experience with Dr. Jack, Geoffery Fieger and Mitch Ryder led to Primeau Productions helping to promote the CD that included ‘Mercy,’ ‘Rite of Passage.’ In the wake of all the negative publicity swirling around Dr. Jack Kevorkian, it was next to impossible to get air time for the album on Detroit radio stations, most of which were now controlled by conservative corporate entities.

Nevertheless, Primeau Productions made a gallant effort at promoting ‘Mercy’ on Detroit radio on a handshake by Mr. Ryder. The outcome was interesting; the radio stations would not play the record. I suppose the radio stations just didn’t want to take a chance and risk losing advertising sponsors.

After meeting and spending time with both Mitch and Geoffery, I became a big groupie and found myself invited and attending Metro Detroit events, such as the Metro Music Awards and Dinner on the Town.

Primeau Productions studios, Inc. Circa 1996

Ed Primeau, Mitch Ryder, Geoffery Fieger

Shortly after the press conference, Mr. Fieger called and booked Primeau Productions to record a concert of music that Jack had wrote. Members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra performed the pieces with the organ being the main instrument. Here, for the first time, is that concert we recorded in Waterford, Michigan in May of 1996.
Link and player to sample

During this time frame, Mitch Ryder had a 50th birthday. His wife threw him a huge surprise party at Mr. B’s in Troy and everyone was there. Here is an excerpt of the video we created back then; very raw and very last minute. The best part of these videos is the people and the speeches that they made.

Video Mitch Ryder 50th surprise birthday party from http://TheVideoRevolutionOnLine.com .
So what’s the point of this post?
I am proud to say I knew Jack. Jack Kevorkian was a great man. It’s not often we meet men and women who stand up for what they believe in. I personally believe in what Jack Kevorkian accomplished in his life. I was not a close friend of Jack’s, in fact, more so of an acquaintance. The point is, we can all learn from Dr. Kevorkian, even if you don’t believe in his purpose. He was a man who felt strongly about suffering and wanted to put an end to it. He was successful in many regards, but unsuccessful in others. I hope this post pays tribute to a man who had a positive effect on my life and the legal system, including moral values about death and dying.

Video Recording Instructions

Friday, August 26th, 2011

file1241259603377Following are some step-by-step instructions to follow when recording video. Primeau Productions, LLC has recorded hundreds if not thousands of hours of video since 1984. As a result of our experience and successes, we have prepared this blog post for you to help make your video recording experience a success.

As a video recording professional, you have to make sure to tape down wires, keep lighting safe and clean from shadows. If you are recording a live event such as a seminar, remember to keep lighting out of the audience members eyes and not interrupt the presentation.


Rehearse if at all possible before you begin to record your video.
Checking the lighting for nice even consistent lighting;
Make sure your microphone or wireless audio microphone is working; test record a 2 or 3 minute section and play it back listening to the audio through headphones and viewing from your confidence monitor or viewfinder. Listen carefully for hums or buzzes. Absolutely no hums or buzzes will be acceptable.

Turn off refrigerators, air conditioners or furnaces to avoid all ambient noise.

You will hear room noise and HVAC (heating and cooling) systems regardless, try to mute them as much as possible.


Digital camera tape-less or with mini dv or dv cam format; www.Amazon.com has great digital video cameras on a pro-sumer level for about $400.00-$600.00. B and H Photo and Video in New York has higher level equipment.

Try to use lighting if possible. We recommend (2) 400-600 watt lights minimum.
Back light as a general wash to help create depth of field; Make sure back light is not in the A camera shot.

Use a microphone connected directly to the camera. If you use a wireless microphone, good idea to have a back up wired microphone available.

If your camera allows, use a second microphone and send it to the second audio track on your video camera.

If you are using three or more microphones, you will need an audio mixing board with 2-XLR -10db outputs to connect to your camera. If your camera has 1/8” input (like the Sanyo Xacti) get an adapter to connect from your mixer.

You may need extra microphone cabling in order to gain distance from your camera and talent source.
Its good to have some AC extension cords and fully charged batteries just in case.

You should use a tripod most of the time. It’s nice to shoulder mount some of the time if you have a steady hand. Have a tripod to get solid steady shots.

Remember if you plan well, record your video well, your edit will be quicker and easier.

It would be great if you could use a high quality professional camera tripod with fluid head but tripods are available in all types of shapes and sizes.

The Room:

Create a nice setting in the room where you will be recording. Set up of the room the way it looks good on video not the way it looks good to your eye. The camera sees differently than the naked eye.

Do what you can to make sure your subject looks good on video. Make sure there are no brand recognizable products in your shot. You don’t want copyright issues.

In a live recording like a seminar, recommend a stage direction (if kitchen doors and exit signs, windows and mirrors could ruin a look) that will look best on tape. If possible, recommend that they build the room set from the rear forward. Give as much distance from the wall behind the stage if possible. It will then be out of focus. If there is a drape, please make sure client does not blend in with the color.

In the back of the room, try to set up two risers for the main camera. One riser is for the A camera and one for the camera operator. (Avoid footage that is shaky) double this for two cameras.

What does the shot look like in your viewfinder or monitor?

When shooting a live meeting, it looks best NOT have a center aisle. It adds energy and value to see backs of heads in shots. If this is not possible, place the camera to one side or the other in the rear of the room instead of shooting straight up the middle, center aisle.

Take into consideration what the camera will see from each back corner location. If you choose the back right corner because there is AC easily available, turn the camera on using your battery to take a quick look at the shot before setting up to stay at that location. What do you see in the viewfinder? If there are undesirable exit signs, thermostats or kitchen doors in the shot, move the camera so they are NOT in the shot. PLEASE, recommend pipe and drape if you are not happy with the back ground look. Black drape sucks out light but looks better than royal blue and maroon.

When shooting outside, make sure the light source (sun) is behind you not in front of you.

Dress your set to look professional and don’t feel like you have to add a plant to your shot. Take a look at some videos you like and emulate them.


Do you own an audio mixer and a wireless lavaliere? Bring them as back up just in case. Use the mixer, to get your main audio feed of all microphones used especially if you have more than three.

If recording a presentation and your presenter has a laptop audio, you may need to filter the laptop audio to remove buzzes. A direct box will help lift the ground and filter out any noises. You can purchase a direct box from just about any professional studio store like Guitar Center and Sweetwater.

Use a direct box to filter buzzes. If you are not familiar with a direct box, it has several different audio inputs and outputs and allows you to convert jacks and plugs, select your input and output levels and lift grounds. Most all buzzes that will be incurred have grounding origins. This could be a bad cable or inconsistent AC grounding.

Also, when incurring audio buzzes, you can use a three prong AC ground lift to help remove the buzz. In other words, lift your ac ground on all your equipment so the third prong on your AC plug is not connected to the house AC ground. Often times light dimmers, coffee services and other hotel service instruments cause buzzes in your delicate audio components.

Having an audio mixer (Mackie or something with balanced XLR outs) if you can for back up. This gives you patching flexibility. It is not absolutely necessary to have the mixer, let’s consider our options.

A possible scenario using the direct box is to use a ¼’ mono auxiliary out to the ¼” direct box input. Send an XLR out audio feed using AUX and direct box to your XLR (separate from the audience microphone) audio track on the video tape.

You can also use the camera microphone to capture a secondary back up of your subject if your camera allows for this function.

Bottom line, you need good sound. Record ambient sound (with nobody talking) in case you need to patch up a audio edit during the video editing process.

Make sure all audio is digital safe and not distorted or too low. Please ask if you have any questions or call Primeau Productions at 800-647-4281.


Lighting should be done from as far away as possible to avoid shadows. Lighting is tricky but if you play around with it, you will learn what works and does not work.

When lighting for a presentation, put your lights in the room left and right as close to the front as possible. Back of the room lighting will cause shadows.

In any case, place your lights extremely wide so that the shadows are out of the shot. By placing your lights close, the shadows will be far left and right behind the performer. When you are shooting, these shadows will be out of your shot unless you are not shooting extreme wide shots.

If necessary use back lighting to help accent the performer and remove any shadows.

Use back light a bit for depth near the back extreme side points of the subject so the lights do not get in the shot.

Make sure the talent looks good and has no stray or fly away hair strands before performing. If female, how does our lipstick look?
If male, is our tie straight or shirt tucked in? Is their shirt unbuttoned or spinach in their teeth?

Contact Primeau Productions LLC with any questions 800-647-4281

Primeau Productions helps Carry Napoleon Hill’s Message into the Future

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

OLD KEY-2In March of 2009, we uploaded low resolution videos segments of Napoleon Hill on the Primeau Productions YouTube channel. These segments are excerpts from “The Master Keys to Success”.
The program consists of 13 videos of the 17 principles from the best selling book “Think and Grow Rich”

In 2010, many of the videos have viewings in the tens of thousands. Now in 2011 the fist video clip has exceeded 300,000 views. I suspect this clip has helped a lot of people realize the keys to success.

In September of 2009, I had the idea of investigating the availability of producing those videos on DVD. Around the same time, (coincidentally) we received a call from Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Don had checked us out on line and was impressed with our video forensic and video production blend of business activity. The result was the beginning of a business relationship which led to Primeau Productions, Inc transfer and restoration of several 16mm films from the 1960’2 of Dr. Napoleon Hill.

We mentioned in an earlier blog post, my friend and client Mike Pallin gave us a set of “Your Right to be Rich” audio cassettes in 1992 introducing me to Napoleon Hill. I have listened to them virtually non stop while building Primeau Productions, Inc.

It is an incredible honor to have been selected by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to be responsible to digitally convert and restore (7) titles to date.

The 16mm films have either an optic or magnetic audio track. These films of Dr. Hill have an optic audio track. An optical audio track is herd by projecting light through the film, causing a sensor to translate the varying intensity of the light into electrical signals that are then converted to sound.

Magnetic audio tracks are recorded onto oxide stripes on the edge of the film, which are read by playback heads in the projector and work the same way as audiotape. Optical audio tracks look like a sound wave and take the place of a second set of sprocket holes on one side of the film as seen in the image below.


On the left side of the film are the sprockets that aid the projector in moving the film. On the right side is the optical audio track.

The Restoration Process
When the films first arrive at our Rochester Hills location, they are examined and cleaned before the transfer process. Since these films have the original master edit cuts, careful attention is paid to the brittle aged edit tape splices holding each edit together. Every time a camera angle is switched, a splice can visibly be seen on the film. Weak splices are repaired before the film is digitally transferred.

We are using a Cannon XL2 digital video camera with a wide angle lens for the transfer. An Elmo 16mm film projector is used for the film playback. The audio is taken from a ¼” output from the Elmo projector, sent through a direct box and converted to -10db microphone level for the XLR input on the Cannon XL2.

We find that the sound is clearer by stepping down from line to mic level instead of transferring line level audio from the projector to the digital video camera.

We always transfer 24ips to remove film flicker and maintain integrity. Two transfers are made onto the mini DV tape with slightly different iris settings. Focus and cropping is checked ahead of time using other film sources to avoid complications with this rare and historical Napoleon Hill footage.

Once the film has been transferred to Mini DV, we load it into Final Cut Pro for color correction, sharpening and audio optimization. We have been experimenting with a DVD series opening title and graphic.

We receive feedback and requests daily from the original YouTube videos that were posted in 2009 asking for Napoleon Hill on DVD. Teachers and other interested parties tell us that generation X and Y as well as millennials’s want to watch instead of read and listen. We believe that by making these Napoleon Hill videos available on DVD, Dr. Hills message will live on for years to come serving future generations.

Primeau productions, Inc. is honored to be able to help the Napoleon Hill Foundation restore these films and digital convert them for future generations! Stay tuned for more information and updates.

CCTV Camera Grid Solves Mystery

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

DSC07300Whenever I am asked to review some CCTV system footage to help identify the activity and people in the footage, I begin with creating a camera grid. A CCTV camera grid is a layout of all closed circuit cameras with their location and proximity to the activity and people in the recording.
There are several types of CCTV cameras, one of which is a point tilt zoom camera. These PTZ cameras are made to follow the action as directed by their security (or loss prevention) operators.
In one case I was asked to review several cameras from a department store that covered a shop lifter. Several of the cameras were an extremely high quality PTZ camera and actually followed the suspect around the store. Since the CCTV system was digital, the footage looked amazing and needed very little clarification.
What the case did need was a camera grid. Working for the defense in this case, we had a series of events that needed to be determined that would help negotiate a plea. So I set off to draw the store layout on a piece of paper and layout the cameras numbering them as I went. We were able to determine which cameras were in what area of the store so when the suspect passed through those areas a second time, we knew to look at the previous cameras for any other activity that could be seen outside of the main coverage area.
Then two great breaks came when we found camera shots in unlikely places that showed us a series of events as they actually occurred on other cameras in addition to the main camera in that specific coverage area.
By starting your video forensic examination with a camera grid, you can discover a lot more about your CCTV video footage than by simply relying on the obvious cameras for each series of events.
Lastly, keep in mind that nearby businesses like convenience stores and gas stations have exterior CCTV systems that may have video recordings that can help your case. A video forensic expert can enlarge and clarify footage that is in the distance that might help add evidence to support your case. Remember, it’s about the preponderance of the evidence. All we have to do in any case is tip the scale slightly to address and establish a reasonable doubt.

The Power of Video

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

old-video-camera-5-1418767Every one of you reading this post has experienced the Power of video at one time or another. Video has brought controversy to the media like in the Rodney King video. Court room trials like OJ and Casey Anthony would not be half as popular without the visual aspect to the story.

We have arrived at the Video Revolution because video has hit critical mass on the Internet. It’s obvious why video is so powerful but just to make sure I am communicating properly, let’s consider why.

Sound reproductions are nice but once a visual perspective has been added it becomes much more stimulating and invigorating than audio alone. To show you an example of what I mean, look at the Drum Circle Video from Venice Beach California below. Try closing your eyes and listen only to the music then open your eyes and take in the sights as well as the sound.

What can you do for your business or other cause with video? Pet adoption is much more effective with video on the Internet than just text advertisement. Video can be posted on Youtube (the second largest search engine) then embedded on your website with text and pictures if applicable, just like this blog post.

Welcome to The Video Revolution, a whole new way of getting attention from people on the Internet using blended content that includes video.

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