Before You Say “Action,” Check the Lights

IMG_2604You want to use incandescent lighting instead of fluorescent. Incandescent lighting has a warm look on video, whereas fluorescent has a white or washed-out look. Lighting kits can be rented from most audiovisual rental companies and they really make a difference.

If you would prefer to purchase one, look in the Yellow Pages for a video supply dealer near you that carries light kits. Minimally, you need two 400-600 watt lights. Set up the lights in the room and point them directly at the front where you will be speaking. If the light is too bright, try bouncing the light off the ceiling in the room where you will be recording. Set the lights close to the front and side — this will help keep shadows out of your shot. Bottom line; fill the room with as much incandescent lighting as possible. Turn off all the fluorescent lights.

If the image is too dark, rely on turning up the gain on your camera to compensate for the low lighting. Read your owner’s manual to learn how this is done. There is also an iris setting on all cameras that will help brighten the image. Be sure that your camera is in a manual mode when recording. If it’s in an automatic mode, then you will not be able to adjust your iris or gain to compensate for the dark image.

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This information is taken from my book The Art of Production, which you can purchase from Amazon or you can purchase an e-book version from SmashWords.


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